Month: February 2016

Sunday Sermon 28th February

Praise the Lord, for we have a new home, Going-Postal.Net, Hallelujah brothers and sisters.

After a somewhat trying time talking to the local builders they have finally come up trumps. All praise the great erection.

Let us pray
Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name

On the seventh day Swiss Bob had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all …. work on that day.


The BDS Movement is B.S.

upon a time, Brian Eno was best known for being a terrifically talented
musician, composer and producer. Sadly, nowadays he’s better known for
being a high profile member of Stop the War, that group of charmers led
by John Rees and Lyndsey German who claimed the ethnic cleansing of Yazidis is a myth, praised the “spirit of internationalism and solidarity” in ISIS, and whose first reaction to the mass murder of 130 people in Paris was to post a Tweet so obscene
that they quickly deleted it, probably upon the advice of their lawyers
that it was bordering on encouraging and supporting terrorism.

Eno is also a figurehead of the BDS Movement, which campaigns for
“boycotts, divestment and sanctions” against Israel. Now, no country is
above criticism, including Israel. We all have the right to criticise
and condemn any government and if this movement was solely about
campaigning against the Israeli government, there wouldn’t be an issue.
But the BDS Movement isn’t just about criticising the policies of the
Israeli government, it seeks to boycott Israel in totality, right across
the board, including every Israeli athlete, filmmaker, actor, writer, poet, artist and musician, which is why we’ve seen concerts by Israeli orchestras interrupted in London, Israeli footballers violently attacked during a match, and calls for musicians worldwide to refuse to perform in Israel. This movement wants to hold every single Israeli responsible for what their government does, good or bad.

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SF Playa Surfers

There will be no site migration this weekend as I have been unable to resolve the URL issue.
Currently if you navigate to the test blog Going Postal Delta via ‘’ everything works as it should, go to an individual post and you will see the post URL  ie ‘’. However access the blog via ‘’ then click on a post and you do not see the post URL, it remains ‘’.
I can’t say I would recommend Go Daddy. They’ve done their bit and that’s all they’re going to do is their answer, repeatedly. Talk to Google they say. I’d have preferred if they’d just told me to fuck off, that at least would have had a certain honesty to it. Maybe one of you lot know the answer as it seems to me this must be a trivial issue to anyone who knows about this stuff.