Month: May 2016

Preaching with Kipper: Fuck Communism

Communism is: “a social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state.”

Fuck communism. Fuck it. Fucking Fuck it. B..b…but isn’t the idea of everyone sharing everything and having free food and a never ending stream of money and free stuff coming from the state lovely? No. Grow up. The idea that any old chuffer is entitled to the fruits of another man’s labour is immoral. Socialism, communism and income tax is theft. Theft is immoral. You are entitled to the fruits of your labour. Not to that of others. This is essential to freedom. The principle that a person’s monitory worth is merely a representation of their skills, how hard they work and how frugal they are. The idea that another person is entitled to the fruits of another man’s labour is fundamental to all left wing thinking. And this is why, despite the warm and loving embrace of Mrs Kipper, I say Fuck Communism. Fuck its immorality fuck its attempt to justify theft, fuck its ability to corrupt young minds and fuck the misery, death and suffering it brings to those who it is enacted upon. At the end of the day I’m just 19, but I’m sure most of you chaps and chappetts will remember the fall of the Berlin wall. I’ve merely heard accounts from my relatives and seen videos, videos of people so overcome with joy that they could leave East Berlin. So are the joys of communism that people needed to be penned in against their will. Communism caused misery. Communism is evil.

Communism So Good They Had to Build a Wall

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Brexit: A Left Wing Call to Arms

Rorschach, Going-Postal.Net
Crush your enemies

False consciousness has claimed numerous victims over the years, clouding the judgement of many a member of the proletariat to forgo their own interests and aid those of the upper and capitalist classes. Today we face yet another outbreak of this disease. Some prominent comrades appear to have convinced themselves and hope to convince others that “another Europe is possible”, a so called “social Europe”. Precisely how an entity like the EU, setup by capitalists, for capitalists and run by capitalists that didn’t hesitate bringing the Greek people to their knees for their own greedy self-interest can miraculously metamorphise to one that serves the needs of the average man, woman and child in Europe is hard to imagine.

These misguided comrades are naive collaborators of profiteers, exploiters, privatisers, bankers and multinationals. They are the allies of CEOs and big business. Their actions do nothing to further the cause of socialism. They will receive no gratitude from the capitalist elites for showing such craven sycophancy.

Comrades, we have in our grasp a unique opportunity to strike back against the neoliberal agenda that has eviscerated the post war settlement, sold off taxpayer owned industries at a loss and redistributed wealth upwards so that today there is the utterly perverse situation of the richest 10% owning 50% of income, while the poorest 50% only own 7%. Some comrades argue that choosing to stay in the EU is the lesser evil, that the EU will at least protect workers’ rights whereas a UK outside the EU could potentially be governed by the right wing of the Tory Party who would pursue a policy of Thatcherism on steroids.

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Immigration – Not a ‘Toxic’ Topic…..(Part 1)

Ang Ryman, Going-Postal.Net


“….I pity the poor immigrant
Who wishes he would’ve stayed home
Who uses all his power to do evil
But in the end is always left so alone
That man whom with his fingers cheats
And who lies with ev’ry breath
Who passionately hates his life
And likewise fears his death…..” Bob Dylan.
But this written offering is not about immigrants. It’s about Immigration. A simple word which engenders an increasingly emotional response when mentioned in a political or social context. The process of immigration when broached in conversation can attract accusations of racism, xenophobia, extremism and other stigmatising terms to those who wish to talk. These accusations come from those who find it uncomfortable or inconvenient to talk about immigration and these accusations have been encouraged by a political class. Thus, immigration is a subject that has become ‘toxic’, one which could result in social rejection and personal or professional ramifications if discussed in the ‘wrong’ company. We recognise this as ‘Political Correctness’. My mother would testify that I am far from obedient and I confess that I have always shunned Political Correctness – so let’s talk about immigration!
I’d like to firstly remove emotion for a moment, and after that moment has passed, I would welcome the continuance of a state of removed emotion and submission to reason and accrued human understanding. Secondly, I’d like to submit to the wording of the Oxford English Dictionary.

The Highly Polished Jackboot of Freedom (Part Four) Solving the Eastern Question.


Coloniescross, Going-Postal.Net

Communiqué to all Committee members from Central Committee (Need to Know Only)

It has been some weeks since the makeup of both the Central and Western governing councils of Europia were announced, much of the intervening period has been taken up with long and often heated debate as to which politicians, business people and media professionals from what was Eastern Europe had the experience and the “understanding” to assist in driving forward the Europia project.

During these debates, often lasting deep into the night, we had cause to reflect on how much easier it would have been to form this regional council had the likes of Norman Wisdom, Nicolai Ceausescu and Ion Iliescu still been either alive, active in politics or both, given that the Eastern region, although now bolstered by its Turkish bulwark, lacks the stability of the Western and Central Regions. It was noted that Council members would need to be people of good standing in their own former countries and it was also acknowledged that finding such people, especially in the short to medium term, may well have been a challenge too great.

So the meetings and the searching questions continued;

Should the Eastern Europian Council be dominated by Greek and Turkish members and if so could we afford the hospital bills?

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Question Time with Going Postal, 26th May 2016

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net
Question Time from ? On the panel: Labour’s former leader Ed Miliband MP, Conservative former shadow home secretary David Davis MP, the Green Party’s former leader Caroline Lucas MP, crime writer Dreda Say Mitchell and David Cameron’s former director of strategy Steve Hilton.