Month: April 2017

For me everything is a fantasy

Gmbd, Going Postal

I was fascinated in the movies Jason Bourne needs to get in a room and locks are no obstacle 10 seconds he is in.
How do they do that ?
there are many instructional videos on the internet and diagrams and descriptions how a lock works.
Really it is not so simple.
I made dozens of these lock picks from ground bendy hacksaw blades and practised and I can report it is not easy.
a bump key may be your best bet.

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Operation Jericho Part One – The Bombing of Amiens Prison

Blown Periphery, Going Postal

FEBRUARY 18th, 1944
HNO T 140 A/F
V GPB GPB 5/18 ‘O’ FORM ‘B’

FROM 2 GROUP 180940A

AO,241 18th Feb.
Information: Mosquitos of 140 Airfield are to attack the prison at AMIENS in an attempt to assist 120  prisoners to escape. These prisoners are French patriots condemned to death for assisting the Allies.  This air attack is only part of the plan as other assistance will be at hand at the time.
Date and Time: 18th February, 1944.
Zero 1200 hours.
Route: Base – LITTLEHAMPTON – Via appropriate lattice to TOCQUEVILLE – SENARPONT – BOURDON – One mile  South DOULLENS – BOUZINCOURT – 2 miles west south west ALBERT – Target – Turn right – ST. SAVEUR –  SENARPONT – TOCQUEVILLE – HASTINGS – Base.
Bomb Load: 2 x 500lb M C Mk.IV fused T.D. 11 secs.
2 x 500lb S A P fused T.D. 11 secs.
Method of Attack: All aircraft to attack at low level.
1st Attack: Six Mosquitos as detailed by O.C. 140 Airfield.
Intention: To break the outer wall in at least two places.
Method: Leading three aircraft to attack eastern wall using main road as lead in. Second section of  three aircraft when ten miles from target will break away to the right at sufficient height to allow  them to watch leading three aircraft and then attack northern wall on a North-South run, immediately  following the explosion of the bombs of the leading section.
Timing: Attacks to be made at Zero hours.
2nd Attack: Six Mosquitos as detailed by O.C. 140 Airfield.
Intention: To bomb the main prison buildings.
Method: Leading three aircraft to attack south eastern end of main building and second section of  three aircraft to attack the north western end of building. Attacks to be carried out in a similar  manner to first attack above.
Timing: Attack to be made at Zero plus 3 mins.
3rd Attack: Six Mosquitos as detailed by O.C. 140 Airfield.
Intention: This force is a reserve, and will approach the target as in the previous two attacks, one  section from east and one from north, but will only bomb if it is seen that one of the previous  attacks has failed.
Method: As in 1st attack. Target will be decided by leader on approach.
Timing: Attack to be made at Zero plus 13 mins.
Fighter Support: Each formation of six Mosquitos will have one squadron of Typhoons as close escort.  Fighters will rendezvous with Mosquitos as follows:-
1st Attack: 1 mile east of LITTLEHAMPTON at Zero minus 45 mins.
2nd Attack: 1 mile west of LITTLEHAMPTON at Zero minus 42 mins.
3rd Attack: LITTLEHAMPTON at Zero minus 32 mins.
1st Attack: Bomber call sign: D Y P E G.
Ground control call sign: A I L S O M E on 2 Group guard 1.
Bomber leader may call escort direct in emergency on 11 Group guard 1.
2nd Attack: Bomber call sign: C A N O N.
Ground control call sign: B E L L F I E L D on 2 Group guard 1.
Bomber leader may call escort direct in emergency on 11 Group guard 1.
3rd Attack: Bomber call sign: B U C K S H O T.
Ground control call sign: G R E E N S H I P on 2 Group guard 1.
Bomber leader may call escort direct in emergency on 11 Group guard 1.
Fighter call sign: D U N L O P.
General: Emergency homing to FRISTON on 2 Group guard.
A.S.R. on 2 Group guard.
Special V.H.F. codeword: RENOVATE.
Notes: (1) Following each attack sections of three aircraft of each formation are to endeavour to  regain close company as soon as possible.
BT 180940A.

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Question Time with Going Postal, 27th April 2017

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

David Dimbleby chairs topical debate from Oxford.

On the panel are Conservative work and pensions secretary Damian Green, Labour MP Clive Lewis, Liberal Democrat minister Jo Swinson, the SNP’s Europe spokesman Stephen Gethins, and the journalist and member of the House of Lords Camilla Cavendish.

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Bobo, Going Postal

Every so often the annals of military history reveal an individual whose grasp of the situational  realities seems counterintuitive at best. Step forward Herr Major Bardlenschlager, CO of Panzer  Ersatz und Ausbildungs Abteilung 100, stationed in Normandy in 1944.

On the night of 5/6 June, Major Bardlenschlager stood on the terrace of his HQ at the Chateau de  Francquetot and surveyed the night sky. Twenty miles to the east lay Utah Beach, and at that very  moment over a thousand allied bombers were attacking the coastal batteries which defended the  invasion site. In the course of this one night over 5000 tons of bombs were dropped, the largest  tonnage in a single raid in the war so far. The horizon was aflame with the detonations of high  explosive bombs and hundreds of thousands of tracer rounds as the German AA guns replied. As the  explosions and gunfire rumbled in the distance the earth trembled, and the very air seemed to quiver.  Bardlenschlager surveyed the scene and pondered for a moment, then he turned to his assembled staff  and delivered his professional assessment: ‘Zirkus! Nicht fur uns bestimmt!’ It was merely a firework  display attendant on a circus or some other public jollification. Nothing at all for them to worry  about.

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Midsummer at Avebury – Part Four

Cynic, Going Postal

His Majesty

King Harold was a tall, thin, balding man in early middle age. Although diffident and reserved, quite unlike  His Excellency in appearance and manner, he was in fact a True King. He was not a ceremonial figurehead living a life of luxury encrusted boredom, a puppet moved and ventriloquised by crass and cunning politicians. He was the best sort of king – the mystic sort. He had completed the ordeals and rituals of kingship, not in any symbolic show, but in reality, so that the symbols he wielded had real effect. He had merged with the Land whilst still living, and the Powers of the Land had accepted him as Sovereign. The King and the Land were One. He experienced the timeless memory of the land and participated in the lives of the creatures that inhabited it. It was because he devoted so much effort to seeking further levels of insight and initiation that he had not attended the opening of the Avebury

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