Month: May 2017

How times change – The fall of Journalism

Illogical, Going Postal
Watergate Hotel

1972 and Watergate – the illicit underhand practices of a government in power thoroughly investigated by reporters Woodward and Bernstein who via an informed source given the code name ‘Deep Throat’, followed his vague clues to expose a story that brought down a President.

Fast forward nearly 45 years and an USA electorate sick to death of either the Democrat or Republican dynasty stitch-ups decide to elect a President with an alternative message. Following too many years of American ‘diplomacy’ based upon its dream of being the World’s official policeman, while interfering in the workings of any country to the detriment of that country and their own had become the norm, and their electorate’s reaction was completely understandable. Make America Great Again resonated across the land.
In many respects it mirrors too the UK reaction, “ We Want Our Country Back! to remove EU interference in the workings of Europe, though in that case scenario the electorate was opposing an un-elected EU hierarchy, wanting to simply bring back its individual sovereignty. Jobs for the boys and warmongers on the gravy train both sides of the pond was just getting us nowhere.

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The Portuguese Connection, Part Two

Cynic, Going Postal

It was the Portuguese who brought rumours to Europe of the cannibal Mexicans and their attacks on the  Caribbean and the South American coastland. They also brought news of the first great disaster in this war,  the capture, sack and carrying away for sacrifice and consumption of the inhabitants of the old city of  Cartagena. The news, which was of mild concern in Europe because of the developing economic links, caused  scandal and uproar throughout Brazil. No one knew how it had happened, but rumours soon spread that the city  had been betrayed, or that the Mexicans had infiltrated it and bribed some of the garrison, or that they had  found a weak spot or gate left unguarded by laziness or inefficiency or corruption. The war was not going well  for the Brazilians. They were on the defensive, dispersed across a vast region, unable to concentrate against  a much more mobile enemy who could attack anywhere, and incapable of mounting a strong invasion of Mexico to  destroy the source of their problem. Although they tried to create and deploy a navy of small craft, drawn  from their fishermen and coastal traders, these ships were seldom in the right place at the right time and in  sufficient strength to defeat the raiders. This did create opportunities for European traders to winkle their  way into the coastal trade and sell their goods to people who could no longer obtain local products, even  though some of these ships and sailors were seized and press-ganged into the Brazilian navy. The Mexican  raiders had established temporary and permanent bases and hideouts on the Caribbean islands, and started to do  the same on the coastlands of South America, so clearing them out was a task which would have taxed Pompey.

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Cannabis, Criminality and The Qu’uran

Coloniescross, Going Postal

Much has been written and talked about across twitter, the MSM and several blogs regarding the connection between Islamic terrorism and the use of cannabis. I wanted to find out more about what cannabis does and how it affects people. I decided, in the first instance at least, to talk to Colin Cross. He had told me something about his younger life and I knew that he had been a regular user of the stuff, so I thought he might be able to give me some insight.

As usual, where Colin is concerned, I wasn’t left wanting. I walked past his house and found him just sweeping up an area of cobbles that he had been pointing up. Luckily, when I asked him how long he was likely to be and if he had time for a chat he replied that he was just finishing up. If I didn’t mind waiting for 15 minutes or so he’d open a couple of beers and we could have a natter. It was a lovely evening and as Colin had a nice table and a couple of chairs in his south facing garden we sat outside to drink and talk.

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Oiling Piss

Colliemum, Going Postal

Some typos just demand to be celebrated, so instead of looking for an appropriate title, I decided to use that one. We all know what it really stands for, and for reasons of comfort, I’d rather have oiled than boiled piss.
So without further ado, feet first, let’s get cracking.
Anyone following the newz cannot have failed to notice that the meejah are not giving up, they want the Trump scalp and that’s that.
We all know that the MSM love to play the ‘look – a squirrel’ game. They’ve now been at it for a year. Nothing else happens except the Rooshans and Trump. It’s the perfect illustration of what a certain German philosopher said two hundred years ago: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”
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To Bennie, Or Not To Bennie

Viciousbutfair, Going Postal

Well darlings, I was overwhelmed with the upticks and I thank the Academy but most importantly there were so many comments back from GPers that raised so many other relevant points and I thought I would like to expand just a bit on those and some of the other issues that they raised.

Given the massive annual spend on welfare and NHS aftercare and all the associated benefits and allowances it is worthwhile to look at this topic more closely.

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