Month: June 2017

The Cuds, Part Two

Blown Periphery, Going Postal

The Pink Mist

There wasn’t much left of the pick-up.  The missile had impacted just behind the cab, which had broken the vehicle in half.  Blackened steel reinforcing hoops from the tyres hung from the wheel hubs.  The small crater from the first strike on the edge of the road had obliterated anything that may have been left of the explosively formed projectile.  There was what looked like a fragment of burned coconut shell at the edge of the crater.  It was what was left of the bomb-layer’s skull.  Second Lieutenant Morse rummaged in his day sack for the digital camera.

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Question Time with Going Postal, 29th June 2017

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

David Dimbleby chairs topical debate from dosshouse-on-sea Hastings.

On the panel are Conservative international trade secretary Liam ‘flat share’ Fox, Labour MP Stella ‘IQ’ Creasy, editor-in-chief of The Economist Zanny ‘PPE’ Minton ‘IMF’ Beddoes, founder and editor of left-wing news site The Canary Kerry-Anne ‘Trigglypuff’ Mendoza, and LBC radio host Nick ‘no Katie’ Ferrari.

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To Leave or not to Leave (That is the Question)

Coloniescross, Going Postal

As the majority of people that won’t read this article will already know we are now over a year into the  protracted process of leaving the European Union.  Just to recap, in June of 2016 the nation was asked, in very  straightforward terms, whether they wished to remain part of the EU or they wished to leave the EU.

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An Unholy Book, Part One

Cynic, Going Postal

Man and mule were both hot, tired and thirsty as they moved slowly through the harsh landscape of dusty scrub and dry grass sprinkled over its low undulations interspersed with dry valleys and flat topped mesas.The thorny cacti in particular repelled the man, although he was accustomed to them. They appeared to him as upthrust fingers of Satan arising from Hell, contorted into obscene gestures and writhing to grasp sinners to be dragged down to destruction. An idle thought came to him that a flower at the tip of one of these fingers was like the chalice of an unholy communion being sneeringly offered to him by the Evil One. He wondered whether such fancies were themselves delusions of the Devil, snares to divert his soul and distract his mind from holiness and duty, or whether they might be an obscure indication and warning that evil had laid a strong hand on this land and its people, and more of it was about to flower.

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Operation Manna and Chowhound 1945

Blown Periphery, Going Postal

The Allied Riposte to the Germans’ use of Mass Starvation as a Weapon of War

The winter of 1944/45 was known as the “Hunger Winter” in the Netherlands.  The Dutch people had lived in an occupied country for nearly five years.  The Nazis had invaded the Netherlands in 1940 and in those years the Dutch had formed resistance groups, helped Allied airmen who were shot down over their country, watched the aerial battles over their heads by day and night and above everything else, they hoped.  They tended the graves of Allied airmen who had spiralled down in burning bombers to be imbedded in the polders.  German night fighters flew from airfields in the Netherlands.  They hoped for a time when their detested neighbours would be booted out of their country.  In September 1944, the Market Garden operations had turned hope into a reality, only for this to be dashed due to Allied ineptitude, the monstrous ego of an overrated general and a failure to listen to the occupants of the country they were trying to liberate. Despite the Arnhem airborne operations being doomed to failure, the Dutch people had tended-to, hidden and helped to escape, the remnants of the British 1st Airborne Division. And how they suffered for it. Because the railway workers had been ordered to strike by the government in exile in Britain, when Market Garden failed, thousands of men were rounded up and deported to Germany as slave labour.

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