Month: September 2017

I ain’t paying for a film either, part three

As a miserable sod who hates parting with money and with plenty of time on my hands I thought I’d go through the Net and look for short alt films, funded on a shoe string, mainly from Patreon and other crowd source sites. Now we turn to animation.

The Lord Inquisitor – Prologue – 28 Aug 2016

The first eight minutes of a Warhammer 40k fan film. 100% crowd sourced and done out of love. The animation is superb.

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Review: Travels in Cultural Nihilism by Stephen Pax Leonard

Bark Kantatas, Going Postal

“One wonders if there are any frontiers or limits to this celebration of diversity.  Is one meant to jump and cheer in the name of anti-racism if we elect a Muslim Prime Minister or if our greatest cathedrals become mosques?”

Travels in Cultural Nihilism has been woefully underpublicized for reasons that will emerge as this review unfolds.  The book came out in March but I hadn’t heard of it until I read about it in the Salisbury Review (SR) at the beginning of this month.

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Open letter to the BBC

Gmbd, Going Postal

First thing to get straight is that common sense is not to be confused with far right.
The second thing that needs to be cleared up is that it is not your job to push an agenda, your job is to inform and entertain the populace.
I recognize that the creative activities attract young people who may strive to understand and comment on the world around them, it is to be commended but in searching for an alternate voice some adopt peculiar views, again this is to be commended but it is not necessary to employ all of them.
There does exist a common understanding of pleasantness and humorous ad lib shared by the majority, which majority is well able to take on new ideas.
You must admit that the constant force feeding of sexual divergence is getting a bit stale ?

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May’s September – Big Whoppers and Betrayal

Ang Ryman, Going Postal
The Union Flag – Stars are Absent.

So many lies. Politics: a game of lies and obfuscation. Mrs May has form. “…tens of thousands…” – As Home Secretary she lied about net immigration numbers, convincing many.
Theresa May’s acting prowess is failing her though. The delivery of her lies in the UN speech given on 20th September 2017 lacked conviction. “….. The same is true with terrorism, where again the challenges we face today are vastly different from those of previous eras. When terrorists struck London and Manchester this year, the world saw our cities come together in defiance. Our parliament carries on. Ariana Grande came back to Manchester and sang again. London Bridge is bustling with people. Our communities came together at the Finsbury Park mosque in North London. And Londoners got back on the Tube. The terrorists did not win, for we will never let anyone destroy our way of life…..”  A whopper. A big whopper. The world saw a country reaping the harvest sown by its governing class in deserting its responsibility to control immigration and the nation’s borders. What defiance Mrs May? Are tea lights, songs and holding hands now regarded as ‘defiance’? It’s happened again. And again and again. How quickly are the dead of the Manchester bombing forgotten? Down the memory plughole, like those killed in London.
Ang Ryman. Going Postal
Not Supportive of the British Constitution,
Who does Theresa May Represent?

War Crimes Part 4 – A Far-Right Terrorist Hate Crime

Blown Periphery, Going Postal

This is fiction. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is coincidental. The events outlined have never to my knowledge occurred.

The legal organisation does not exist outside of this story. There may be others whose activities are just as questionable as this fictional account of one man’s persecution and the terrible, fictional repercussions. Some of the locations are real.

This is dedicated to Thames Valley Police who in 2004, allowed two women to die and badly wounded family members to be denied medical aid after a shooting at a family barbecue. This was because Thames Valley Police conducted a safety assessment that was more about protecting its officers, than members of society the Force was supposed to serve. It took 67 minutes before police officers entered the property and 87 minutes before paramedics were allowed in to treat the casualties.

Source Stewart Payne Daily Telegraph 7th October 2004. Telegraph

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National Poetry Day – Alfy

Æthelberht, Going Postal
Infantrymen of the 1/7th Battalion, Queen’s Royal Regiment (West Surrey) and a Stuart tank in Grazzanise, Italy, 12 October 1943

In loving memory of my pal Pte Alfred Hudson 6085105 of the 2nd Bn., The Queen’s Royal Regiment (West Surrey) killed in action Syria 10th July 1941. Age 27.

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Operation PLUTO

Ratcatcher, Going Postal

Whilst discussing the future liberation of Europe in 1942, Lord Louis Moutbatten discussed how fuel could be supplied to an invading army with the Minister in charge of the Petroleum Warfare Department, Geoffrey Lloyd. Previously, fuel had been transported in disposable 4 gallon tins. These had been superseded by coping the German ‘Jerrycans’ which although reusable, would have meant a considerable burden on men to load and unload from ships as well as the ships themselves presenting a very large and dangerous target during and after what became D Day.
Lloyd was in no doubt, a pipeline could be built that could operate night and day and provide enough fuel for the forces to take harbours where ships could be brought in more safely once the Axis had been forced back in to the mainland.

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Corbyn and McDonnell – Thick and lazy

jgm2, Going Postal

The problem with the likes of Corbyn, McDonnell, Momentum etc is that they’re just fucking lazy. Thick and lazy.

It’s not their fault. People in general (and I include myself in that) are just fucking lazy. It’s just too much trouble to come up with an original idea or think things through for yourself so we all look around for a short-cut or a Youtube video on how to (say) replace the clutch on your Dyson or whatever.

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Labour’s Tiger: The Betrayal of the Working Classes, Part Three

Jonathon Davies, Going Postal

The New Voters

Having thoroughly stabbed in the back the very people it claimed to represent, Labour needs a new core vote to have a chance of winning election. So, who were they to be? Labour under Corbyn were initially pro-Brexit after the referendum, but now seem to have swung around to being pro-single market, and voting against the Great Repeal bill. Mind you, who knows what the policy will be next week. This pleased many a metropolitan metrosexual middle class luvvie in London. Many of them are property millionaires and a far cry from those original supporters from the South Wales valleys. Why worry about the housing crisis when you can get a cheap Polish cleaner? Corbyn himself lives in a house worth over £600,000 and reportedly earns around £140,000. Strangely enough, just under the limit for their proposed cut throat tax rises.

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