Month: November 2017

I Learned About Flying From That Part Two

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs, Going Postal
Rottnest Island

It was another hot morning in Fremantle, Western Australia in early January. Forecast for 36 degrees Celsius, 97 in old money. “Gonna be a scorcher, Geek-o!”, said my benevolent host and long-time friend Mike, whom alongside his wife, made me feel very welcome in their stately six-bedroom home for the next three months.

I had just finished a long-term development contract with a blue chip and was taking a three month break to visit my Western Australian friends in order to travel, sample the fine wines and seafood and generally chill. Oh, and having recently obtained my multi-engine and instrument rating, I was hoping to take a nice twin engine bird around the South West coast.

For today’s sortie, I was going to visit Rottnest Island, or Rotto as it’s colloquially known, 10 nautical miles west of Fremantle. I was quite looking forward to meeting the island’s native small marsupials, called quokkas.

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Postcard from York, The National Railway Museum

Coloniescross, Going Postal
The Imposing “Industrial” Entrance

On Sunday 12th November we ventured out to do another one of those 40 things to do when you’ve been married forty years (12 down 28 to go before August 2018). So far none of the things we have done have been a hardship but here was one that I was particularly looking forward to. As a child I lived less than 100 yards from the East Coast mainline. I was an avid train spotter and saw many of the great engines of the 1950’s “up close and personal”.
On a good day York is 2 hours drive from my home, Sunday was a good day, made better by the fact that my nephew had taken on driving duties. The museum itself is located just outside the city centre and, on Sunday at least, has ample parking. £10 for all day parking, but entrance to the museum is free and I suppose it is one of the ways of raising revenue.
As I walked into the Great Hall I might as well have been 60 years younger, it is easy to forget just how imposing a steam locomotive can be. The engine at the entrance has been cut open to reveal the inner workings, extremely interesting if you like that sort of thing, again it brings home just what amazing feats of engineering these things are.
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Snert – Dutch Winter Soup

GP’s 2017 Advent Calendar of Cuisine

bobo, Going Postal
NOT bobo’s Snert

Snert (pronounced like ‘Shnayrrt’ as much as anything) is a hearty pea soup traditionally eaten in Holland during the winter months. It is usually accompanied with a thick slice of dark rye bread topped with cheese and ham, and is intended to be substantial meal in itself. A bowl of this will set you up for a day of whatever it is you intend to get up to whilst you’re in Amsterdam. But don’t worry, I’m not here to judge.

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Clinton Crimes – The Silence is Deafening. Part Two

….Or What the Mainstream Media are Neglecting to Report.

Hillary Clinton pictured with the former US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens

Hillary and “The Server Scandal”

“Lock Her Up” was the cry from the crowd to Donald J Trump at his rallies in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election. Few European news consumers will have been provided with the context to these chants, nor the message. During the 2nd Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton made a barbed verbal assault on Donald Trump, to which Trump, in his alpha-male style, responded without hesitation and to memorable effect.

HRC: “…it’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.”

DJT:  “Because you’d be in jail.”

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The GP Advent Calendar of Cuisine – Eighteenth Century Chestnut Stuffing

OldTrout, Going Postal
NOT Old Trout’s Chestnut Stuffing

Lifted from Delia Smith who lifted it from Hannah Glasse.

I make this two or three weeks ahead of of time and put it in the freezer.  Therefore, I do not have the turkey liver to hand and substitute chicken or duck livers.

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Ah f**kin’ love a guid royal weddin

DH, Going Postal
The Polis

Ah remembah when Mike Tindall married that Zara burd in an’ we wiz all suconded tae Lothian an’ Bordahs for the day oan royal protection duties an’ aw that sort ae pish. It wiz well braw.

The sarge picked us aw up in the riot van nice an’ early cus we kent wi’d be a guid while gettin’ oor orders aw sortet oot at the drive thru at Maccy D’s at the Fort. Then wan o’ the probationers wanted tae stoap off fer a pish an’ a snickers at Harthill services. Ah got a couple o’ hot dogs fae the wee cafe bit while ah wis waitin’ an then of course all of a sudden a’body else wanted wan. So by the time we’d finished fannyin’ aboot wi’ aw the sauce an’ that sh**e we wiz runnin’ pure late. Then we gets tae aboot Livingston an’ wee PC Mack sterts gettin’ pure travel sick. So the sarge pulls ovah ontae the hard shouldah so he can spew his wee ring.

Wee Mack’s pure white as a sheet by now so the sarge decides tae take a detour intae Livingston so we can get him Irn Bru fae the McDonald’s there tae settle his stomach.

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Infinite Continued Fractions

As proved by Euler, the value of any infinite continued fraction is an irrational number.  Just as every finite continued fraction is a rational number, every infinite continued fraction represents an irrational number.

We consider the class of irrational numbers of the form \(√n\), where \(√n\) is any non-square positive integer.  These numbers are called the quadratic irrationals and arise as roots of quadratic equations of the form

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