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Victoriana 20

Tachybaptus, Going Postal

Chapter 20

That evening, in Major Jolliver Trelawney’s command tent overlooking McHerring’s castle,the five were sitting around a table with the Major, his second-in-command Captain Eustace Woolley-Dogg, and Emmeline, who had also played a part in the action and could not be excluded from the debriefing. They had ridden there on an ammunition cart trailing along behind the failed expedition.
Victoriana was amused to see how Irving and Fingers, both old soldiers, had instinctively snapped into military mode and were calling the major ‘Sah’ in very sentence. St George was clearly out of his element in military surroundings.

EntitledSnowflake’s Extra Special Christmas Turkey Fried Rice


EntitledSnowflake, Going Postal
You’re going to need a bigger bowl…

Serves two very hungry people

This recipe is ideal for using up some of the leftover Turkey from Christmas. It works best with the brown meat from the leg. However this recipe will work equally well with goose, duck, roast chicken, pork, lamb or beef.
It has evolved from a recipe my dad used to make when I was younger. It was always a favourite of mine, and having shared the recipe with my out-laws, it has become a favourite of theirs too. If you are using cooked meats, it is a very quick and easy recipe. It is a meal in itself – all you need to add to accompany it is a nice beer.

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Brexit Negotiations

Godfrey Bloom, Going Postal
Prof. Godfrey Bloom

We hear of the proposed £60 billion pay off to the EU. It grows everyday. The extraordinary aspect of this whole sorry affair is the complete lack of professionalism in theses negotiations.

Possibly no surprise as the participants are all drawn from the political & bureaucratic class. Untrained in these matters & playing with money that belongs to someone else. As the Americans would say, nobody has any ‘skin in the game’.

From a British perspective this approach was flawed from the beginning. The standard of the modern politician in Europe is woeful. The British civil service are third raters promoted paradoxically on their uncritical commitment to the EU project. In short nearly all the players in the game are Remainers save one or two token Leave politicians as window dressing for the home electorate.

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Stuart Beaker, Going Postal
Finland, Land of a Thousand lakes

Throughout this year BBC Radio 3 have been celebrating the centenary of Finnish national independence, their declaration of freedom from Russian rule on 6th December 1917. Being Radio 3, Sibelius’ name and music has been much invoked, including of course the unashamedly nationalistic Finlandia which has become the de facto anthem (despite his long-held opposition to the sung version, apparently only given up after many years – unaccountable beings, composers..)
I quote from Kids Britannica (free excerpt):

(1865–1957). To the world Jean Sibelius is one of the great composers of symphonies. To his fellow Finns, however, he is far more. They revere him as one of Finland’s greatest patriots. His music, inspired by Finnish myth and literature, roused national fervour and helped the Finns preserve their spirit despite the iron rule of Russia (1809–1917). His tone poem Finlandia is one of the noblest expressions of love of country in all music…

The BBC have habitually, and approvingly, referred to him as ‘fiercely nationalistic, a patriot’. The titanic irony of this in the face of their studied neutrality in the recent Catallonian saga, and their open dismay at our own current situation, has apparently passed the broadcasting grandees by.

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I Learned About Flying From That Part Two

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs, Going Postal
Rottnest Island

It was another hot morning in Fremantle, Western Australia in early January. Forecast for 36 degrees Celsius, 97 in old money. “Gonna be a scorcher, Geek-o!”, said my benevolent host and long-time friend Mike, whom alongside his wife, made me feel very welcome in their stately six-bedroom home for the next three months.

I had just finished a long-term development contract with a blue chip and was taking a three month break to visit my Western Australian friends in order to travel, sample the fine wines and seafood and generally chill. Oh, and having recently obtained my multi-engine and instrument rating, I was hoping to take a nice twin engine bird around the South West coast.

For today’s sortie, I was going to visit Rottnest Island, or Rotto as it’s colloquially known, 10 nautical miles west of Fremantle. I was quite looking forward to meeting the island’s native small marsupials, called quokkas.

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