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Quite often we hear how nationalism is dangerous. Bad. Wrong. It has negative connotations, and is associated with both the world wars. If you want to see how far the SJW poison has spread google nationalism. Negative images and Nazi flags abound. Yet nationalism is rising across the world. Brexit and Trump are two clear examples. Also, nationalist governments have been elected in Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. Catalonia has a separatist movement that appears to be growing in strength. So is nationalism really that bad? And why is it on the rise?

A Look Back at History

Let us examine World War One. Surely the clearest case that shows nationalism is bad? Different countries, each with a notion of their superiority, squaring up to each other and being belligerent. Eventually it spilled over in to open war. But was it really nationalism? Most of the countries involved had some kind of Empire. Britain certainly did. France had overseas territories. Russia had a land empire, as did Austria Hungary. The Ottoman empire had held sway over the middle east, parts of North Africa and Europe. Germany had some colonies but badly wanted an empire. Britain was afraid of losing hers. Russia was always looking to expand, and draw in more Slavic peoples. The Ottomans wanted to win back territory, and vie for more land with Russia.

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Shocking Pink

Colin Cross, Going PostalPoliticians, if that is what we should call them, are a very funny breed. I don’t know if it has always been the case but the current members of the House of Commons, with one or two notable exceptions, seem to me to be lost in a morass of contradictory thought and opinion. Male and female members, on all sides of the house, appear to delight in exhibiting the very characteristics that, if they were to exhibit them in every day scenarios, would see them roundly and justifiably challenged.

How has this come about? One of the problems and possibly the biggest one stems from the fact that so few of them have ever had anything remotely resembling a proper job. Many have never worked outside the Westminster bubble since leaving education and many, especially those who consider themselves “progressive liberal free thinkers” are anything but. They find themselves in a constant state of flux because everything that isn’t “progressive and liberal” has to be wrong, no matter how right it is.

Currently there is some brouhaha within political and media circles surrounding the forthcoming state visit to our country of probably the single most powerful man in World politics, PotUS Donald J Trump. This hissy fit, initially instigated by that paragon of political virtue John Bercow, over whether or not the PotUS “grabbed a fanny”, has accelerated exponentially since three tweets, originally posted by Britain First and picked up by American ultra-conservative Anne Coulter Nile were re-tweeted from the Presidents twitter account. There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that at least two of the videos contain graphic images of atrocities being carried out by Muslims in the name of Allah. The third video, strangely enough the one that the MSM and the political cognoscenti have concentrated on, holds less veracity but is, in its own way, just as shocking.  It clearly shows a young man on crutches being beaten by men of “Asian” appearance who may or may not, be the offspring of Muslim immigrants.

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Coloniescross, Going Postal

Where to even begin?  Coming up with one single descriptor for Owen Jones is nigh on impossible. Mr Jones is one of the most charismatic figures of the modern left and he is rarely, if ever, out of the news, off our screens or out of the spotlight. Writing about him from a completely unbiased and balanced perspective while at the same time pointing out some of his more glaring “inconsistencies” is nothing if not challenging, but let’s give it a go.

Coloniescross, Going Postal

To some he is the “enfant terrible” of “socialism, a no nonsense sort of guy with an opinion on everything, and, when I say everything I mean, literally, everything. Over the last 10 years or so he has been extremely vocal on all manner of topics. He has a regular column in the Grauniad, which can be highly entertaining, he writes occasionally for other newspapers and periodicals and is also the author of several books. He is, as you might have guessed, a member of the ABBC revolving door club along with people of the calibre of Yasmin I’maliar Brown, Diane Abbott, Michael Heseltine, Chuka Umunna and others who, although they might have very important day jobs are ever eager to trouser the odd £500 of license payers hard earned to be given a platform to spout inane claptrap on a very regular basis.

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Labour and the Destruction of Educational Diversity

Jwp, Going Postal

“If it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to destroy every fucking grammar school in England. And Wales. And Northern Ireland.” (Crosland is so quoted by his wife Susan Crosland in her biography, Tony Crosland (Jonathan Cape, 1982), p. 148.)

In 1968 I passed the 11+ exam. I was the first ever and since to have done so in my family. Coming from a long line of Dock Workers it was hailed as something marvellous in my family, to the point of embarrassment. What will he become, a doctor, a teacher, a scientist? My best friend from across the street didn’t pass and yet, contrary to all that was said about selection breeding divisions in society, my friend and I have remained best pals for a lifetime. Our educational paths diverged. Our affections did not.

Perhaps I am fortunate in having experienced both Grammar and Comprehensive systems. I enjoyed two years of Grammar School followed by four years of Comprehensive. Thanks to those Educational Iconoclasts, Antony Crosland and Shirley Williams, the Burke and Hare of Schools, my Grammar went Comp in 1971. A school of 260 boys was merged with a Secondary Modern of 750, and the small and nifty frigate became an unwieldy aircraft carrier, impersonal, unmanageable, inhomogeneous and most importantly of all unBritish.

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The Trouble with Lefties

Guardian Council, Going Postal

It’s often been asked what is wrong with these people. Polly Toynbee’s whiny voice on the wireless the other day brought the point home once more that there must be something seriously wrong with lefties. They are not genuinely happy people, apparently unable to contend themselves with their lives, even when they’ve reached living standards their grandparents couldn’t even dream of. There may be an obvious answer as to why many lefties seem so unhappy, but there may also be something more strategic at play about their malcontent.

To start with the easy answer, it could be argued that Lefties have a talent for misery. Experience shows that whatever they laid their hands on has turned to corruption, and mostly rather sooner than later. Yet, even the most obvious evidence for socialism’s dramatic failure is self-righteously brushed under the carpet by a left of centre, liberal mainstream intent on feathering its own nest at the expense of everybody else. And yes, dear “privileged” taxpayer, that’s mainly your money going into this.

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Incitement to Murder

Coloniescross, Going PostalJonathan Freedland is a “journalist” who writes primarily for the Grauniad, he also presents an ABBC Radio 4 programme called The Long View. Mr Freedland also writes “best selling” thrillers under the pseudonym Sam Bourne.

So far so good, his Wikipedia profile describes him as a “liberal Zionist” who freely admits to not using the term “Zionist” because, he claims, “right wing Zionism” has come to mean the whole (of Zionism). The son of a prominent Jewish family he was privately educated before moving on to Wadham College Oxford, not so much a silver spoon, more like the full place setting, including dessert fork.

In my opinion, which so far as I am aware I am still allowed to hold, Mr Freedland is everything that most people who write articles for and comment on Going Postal despise. He is insufferably arrogant and he is a snob; he shares the liberal intelligentsia’s view that he can never be wrong, about anything, which means that anyone disagreeing with him and his world view can never be right.

He hates “ordinary people”, those horny handed sons and daughters of the soil, the very people who are the beating heart and soul of any nation, are anathema to him. He pities the manufactured poor because he can and, again in my opinion, he holds, in very high regard, the politicians, celebrities and media elites that have done so much to bring this country low. He is a committed and rabid Europhile. I imagine he would be at his happiest and most comfortable travelling in an armoured limousine, along a Zil lane, on his way to his country pile for a weekend with his peers, drinking champagne, eating sea food and praising his form of “socialism” (the type of political and social system that has killed more people and done more to worsen the lot of the honest working man and woman than any other system in history) to the rafters.

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