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Stuart Beaker, Going Postal
Finland, Land of a Thousand lakes

Throughout this year BBC Radio 3 have been celebrating the centenary of Finnish national independence, their declaration of freedom from Russian rule on 6th December 1917. Being Radio 3, Sibelius’ name and music has been much invoked, including of course the unashamedly nationalistic Finlandia which has become the de facto anthem (despite his long-held opposition to the sung version, apparently only given up after many years – unaccountable beings, composers..)
I quote from Kids Britannica (free excerpt):

(1865–1957). To the world Jean Sibelius is one of the great composers of symphonies. To his fellow Finns, however, he is far more. They revere him as one of Finland’s greatest patriots. His music, inspired by Finnish myth and literature, roused national fervour and helped the Finns preserve their spirit despite the iron rule of Russia (1809–1917). His tone poem Finlandia is one of the noblest expressions of love of country in all music…

The BBC have habitually, and approvingly, referred to him as ‘fiercely nationalistic, a patriot’. The titanic irony of this in the face of their studied neutrality in the recent Catallonian saga, and their open dismay at our own current situation, has apparently passed the broadcasting grandees by.

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Clinton Crimes – The Silence is Deafening. Part Two

….Or What the Mainstream Media are Neglecting to Report.

Hillary Clinton pictured with the former US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens

Hillary and “The Server Scandal”

“Lock Her Up” was the cry from the crowd to Donald J Trump at his rallies in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election. Few European news consumers will have been provided with the context to these chants, nor the message. During the 2nd Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton made a barbed verbal assault on Donald Trump, to which Trump, in his alpha-male style, responded without hesitation and to memorable effect.

HRC: “…it’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.”

DJT:  “Because you’d be in jail.”

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Incitement to Murder

Coloniescross, Going PostalJonathan Freedland is a “journalist” who writes primarily for the Grauniad, he also presents an ABBC Radio 4 programme called The Long View. Mr Freedland also writes “best selling” thrillers under the pseudonym Sam Bourne.

So far so good, his Wikipedia profile describes him as a “liberal Zionist” who freely admits to not using the term “Zionist” because, he claims, “right wing Zionism” has come to mean the whole (of Zionism). The son of a prominent Jewish family he was privately educated before moving on to Wadham College Oxford, not so much a silver spoon, more like the full place setting, including dessert fork.

In my opinion, which so far as I am aware I am still allowed to hold, Mr Freedland is everything that most people who write articles for and comment on Going Postal despise. He is insufferably arrogant and he is a snob; he shares the liberal intelligentsia’s view that he can never be wrong, about anything, which means that anyone disagreeing with him and his world view can never be right.

He hates “ordinary people”, those horny handed sons and daughters of the soil, the very people who are the beating heart and soul of any nation, are anathema to him. He pities the manufactured poor because he can and, again in my opinion, he holds, in very high regard, the politicians, celebrities and media elites that have done so much to bring this country low. He is a committed and rabid Europhile. I imagine he would be at his happiest and most comfortable travelling in an armoured limousine, along a Zil lane, on his way to his country pile for a weekend with his peers, drinking champagne, eating sea food and praising his form of “socialism” (the type of political and social system that has killed more people and done more to worsen the lot of the honest working man and woman than any other system in history) to the rafters.

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