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The things I really hate!

Colliemum, Going Postal
Toot, toot!

First off – keep yer hair on, this is not about politics and politicians or Al Beeb.
This is just a little list of my top pet hates which irritate the hell out of me in my ordinary day-to-day life.
Top of them is car seats.
They are oh-so-wonderfully ‘secure’, ‘cradling’ one so that one doesn’t rattle around like a pea (why that should happen when we’re all strapped in by our safety belts anyway is something I still don’t know). And of course they make even a common-or-garden family car ‘feel’ as if one’s in a high-powered sports car – that’s especially important when creeping around at 10 mph or standing still!
But try to get out of such a seat! It’s impossible, especially when one’s not a limber young model like those lovely examples of totty gracing the comments (I suppose, since nobody reads the comments, nobody sees them either?). Lifting one’s legs to indecent heights, then rolling over that bulge (which seem to get higher in every new model), then gaining one’s feet and lifting one’s bum from low inside over that high bulge to get out: it’s an atrocity!
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Not a lot of people know this …

Colliemum, Going Postal… about German politics.

The one, most holy of holy German political cows (no, not Merkel, but she’s very close!) is called “Consensus Democracy”. Germans have a near pathological desire that everything in politics and in their country should be ‘harmonical’, that everybody in politics should love each other – and that the political parties must work together, in coalitions, for the sake of the Vaterland. Look back 100 years when Kaiser Willy, at the start of WWI, said “from now on I know only Germans” – meaning that party politics were now unnecessary. And the big opposition party, the social democrats (SPD) was so happy by being recognised, finally, as ‘Germans” by His Imperial Majesty that they went and agreed to WWI.

We remember what happened next ..

Now we can observe the same attitude towards Merkel, expressed non-stop by the hacks in the German MSM who absolutely loved the idea of having the Greens back in government, this time with Merkel and a bit of yellow, the German Liberals.

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History – we don’t need no stinking history

Colliemum, Going Postal

A wise man (sorry: cis-ultra-far-right-old-white-privileged, non-gender-fluid dead man) once said that those who do not learn from History are condemned to repeat it. History is to do with memory, a nation’s collective memory.

We’ve all remarked again and again that Generation Snowflake and their slightly older siblings, now firmly occupying the meejah, have a memory which doesn’t go further back than last Tuesday.
The shitstorm in the international MSM about Charlottesville and what Trump said or should’ve said is there for all to see. What is not there for all to see are two phenomena:


Music – and Alzheimers

In my wanderings through the interwebz I came across one of those ‘self-help’ articles which appear from time to time. Since many of us have cottoned on to the fact that, being told one thing is good for you in week one, only to be told the opposite in week four (butter/bacon/coffee/drinks) means we totally disregard them – with one exception: when it’s about Alzheimers. Yes, we read those because that’s not something we want to catch. The article I saw (and binned) was giving the usual tips, like doing crossword puzzles and exercise (yeah – that’s fun when you can’t even stagger down the stairs first thing in the morning, and not because of the healthy alcohol intake of the night before …) and eating whatevah until we’re told not to eat it.

But one ‘advice’ stuck in my mind: music! Best is to actively play music, but just listening is also good. Playing music – that reminded me of an observation: how the advent of the juke box has meant the death of musicians – ordinary people – playing in pubs. Well, the pubs are mostly gone now as well, but that’s another story. About thirty or so years ago, one found such impromptu music being played in Irish pubs up and down that country. It was wonderful. Today, everybody wants to be on telly, or on their own little youtube channel. ‘Music’ has to be ‘pop’, and little girls ‘do’ it, twerking included.

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“Climate Change”, islam and the West

Colliemum, Going Postal

You might think this is an odd combination. What does ‘Climate Change’ have to do with islam? A huge lot!
Let’s look at Climate Change first: nobody nowadays can deny that it’s akin to a pseudo-religion, with acolytes and with very powerful ‘priests’ who’ve been pushing this religion since 1989. It was the main ‘theme’ in politics during the late 1990s and early 2000s, the results of which we can see today with bird shredders dominating our beautiful landscape and with our money spent on being ‘pure’ by ‘de-carbonising’ our lives. You’ve lived through it, I don’t need to go into details.

During this time we saw the rise of fake news when it came to what Climate Change was supposedly doing to us. We saw the rise of ‘preachers’ whose aim was to get us all to accept austerity (not the Corbynomic variety) and to believe the Climate-Change-High-Priests – or else, “or else” being the professional destruction of careers.

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Grenfell: The Dianafication of Politics

Colliemum, Going Postal

Remember Tony Blair? Of course you do! Remember the ‘death of the People’s Princess’? Of course you do – even thought this was 20 years ago now.
Well – let’s make a list of what has happened since then:
Stiff upper lip has gone, replaced by a veritable industry of grief. The mountain of flowers at Kensington palace was the start of a new attitude on grief, and it’s now world-wide, as we observe after every single mass murder by jihadis: flowers, teddy bears, tea lights … with the modern addition (there were no interwebz or social meejah 20 years ago) of hashtags and profile photos and everybody tweeting (even the atheists) #PrayforXXXXX .
1997 is the year it started – and it’s as if today’s generation needs to revive and relive that time of “grief”.
There’s however another aspect to this Dianafication, and we can lay it squarely at the feet of His Tonyhood and Labour: their propaganda machine, aided and abetted even then by Al Beeb (which we still called ‘BBC’ with reverence), and that is the quick designation of a person on whom to pour out hatred and vilification by the ‘grieving’ masses. Actual facts don’t come into it. Twenty years ago it was the Queen. His Tonyhood, clever politician that he his, noted quickly that attacking the queen might play well in London and his Labour clientele, but wasn’t a good image for the rest of the country, so, after having kicked that off he quickly pedalled back and elevated himself to the ‘saviour of the monarchy’.
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Oiling Piss

Colliemum, Going Postal

Some typos just demand to be celebrated, so instead of looking for an appropriate title, I decided to use that one. We all know what it really stands for, and for reasons of comfort, I’d rather have oiled than boiled piss.
So without further ado, feet first, let’s get cracking.
Anyone following the newz cannot have failed to notice that the meejah are not giving up, they want the Trump scalp and that’s that.
We all know that the MSM love to play the ‘look – a squirrel’ game. They’ve now been at it for a year. Nothing else happens except the Rooshans and Trump. It’s the perfect illustration of what a certain German philosopher said two hundred years ago: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”
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“Colliedays” – holidays with collie

Colliemum, Going Postal
Not a Colliemum collie

Well, after the stories of ‘Holidays with kids’ in the good old days, I did promise to tell you stories of holidays with collies, or rather ‘colliedays’.
I did point out that 2 adults + 2 kids, camping, needed less stuff than 2 adults + 2 collies on holidays in s/c cottages.
It’s true. We ended up having to get a 2nd hand estate car, because the dogs needed bags for their food and their bowls, their beds, blankets, toys, towels, more toys and more towels and sheets to cover the cottage furniture.
Us humans made do with one bag each – but we did need our wellies and foul-weather gear. Those collies, unlike The Princess, didn’t mind rain.

First and foremost came the planning and logistics, to be done by yours truly. Husband wanted to get from A to B – the final holiday destination – involving no more than five hours driving, and always ending up in dog-friendly places so the poor things could stretch their legs. I can tell you: staying overnight on a farm means getting the best food evah! I believe I shall have to write about those experiences another time, it would fill another couple of pages.

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Holidays with kids

Colliemum, Going Postal

The lovely description of his normal family life by our Flying Hippo (https://going-postal.net/2017/01/humdrum-and-proud.html) inspired me to put fingers to keyboard (no, The Princess does not put her paws to keyboard, that’s beneath her!) and share memories of what were our normal summer holidays with the kids.
Now you all know (or ought to) that I’m a granny, so these normal holiday memories do go back a bit – about 35 years in fact. Things were different then, there were no smartphones or Nintendos and hair dryers were not deemed to be an item necessary for survival.
Our best holidays, over several summers, were spent in Ireland – camping. That is ‘wild camping’, on pastures or meadows belonging to farmers whom we asked for permission, which was always gracefully given, or in places which didn’t belong to anyone in the wider vicinity. We did ask …

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