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Cameron and Osborne – Beyond Downing Street

“On her hands and knees, she was, Gidders,” brayed David Cameron, chuckling maniacally and throwing back his throbbing, boiled ham head. “You jolly well should have seen her – prostrate on the floor, clawing away at my ankles like some kind of ghastly wild animal.”

He paused to drain the contents of a colossal, bulbous brandy glass.

“And the tears, Gidders, the floods of tears. I really didn’t know where to look. Neither did the other diners. I won’t be able to show my face in Apsley’s again for a while, I’ll tell you that. It was all quite mortifying, now I come to think about it.”

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GP News: Cast Iron Production is Down by Sixty-Six Percent

Due to the disastrous Brexit Crisis (where both the FTSE 100 and 250 crashed upwards) and that David Cameron is resigning from his position as MP, it has been found out that Cast Iron production is DOWN by 66%!

It is worrying news for any metal traders interested in trading cast iron, plus it is depressing news for anyone who has invested in cast iron.

To get an idea how this situation is affecting producers of cast iron, we interviewed a CEO of a company called ‘CI Plus Industries’, that mainly produces cast iron pledges, he said:

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Preaching with Kipper : Remain Tears The Sequel

Kipper, Going Postal

Just finished watching Laura cuntsberg’s documentary on BREXIT. By jolly the BEEB aren’t even trying to hide their bitterness over the result. They’ve pulled out all the old characters. Ken Clarke telling us how holding the referendum as a mistake to begin with. How the referendum shouldn’t have happened because no one expected the Tories to win a majority. They even pulled on what looked like a random homeless bloke called ‘Nick Clegg’ who basically started crying because he loves Europe so much or something. The fella seemed like he might have been on the spectrum or something like that.

You can clearly tell Laura is uncomfortable interviewing the leavers yet she seems perfectly comfortable with the treacherous remainers.

Anna Sourcunt was incensed that remain didn’t have an answer to immigration. LOLZ

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Hard pounding this, gentlemen; let’s see who will pound longest

Colliemum, Going Postal

‘The more things change, the more they remain the same’ is a French quip which applies perfectly to what we’re seeing yet again in our media, now campaigning a l’outrance for Ms May. The self-proclaimed elite is at it yet again, the establishment types thinking they have the God-given right to govern and interfere in people’s lives because they are so very clever and we are not.

I’ve been puzzled for a long time how come that we in the UK have such a tradition of ‘progressive’ critics, well before the international movement of socialists, well before the founding of the Fabian Society, the Labour Party, and the now proliferation NGOs from ‘Hate not Hope’ to ‘No Borders’ and well before social media and hashtag politics. I have come to the conclusion that the prolific, ‘progressive’, 19th century letter writers in British politics and High Society are to blame. Plus ça change indeed …!

Today, technology in the form of TV programmes with the popularisation of ‘experts’ plays a huge role. The ‘experts’ are generally chosen because they don’t challenge the opinion of the group thinkers in our media. Just look at ‘climate change’ and the reporting thereof; or look at the free hand given in the MSM to Blair and the ‘heir to Blair’; look at the way the MSM now try to foist on us the ‘heir to the heir to Blair’ in the form of Ms May.

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Don Quixote, Going Postal

He was fresh faced and looked eager and willing to please. His body language oozed confidence. But then you would hope it would,  with his background. But there was a friendliness. Easy to see and sense. The suit was sharp, but not too sharp, well fitting, nicely cut.    Probably dark blue with well polished and clean shoes. His tie sat well.  His parents would have been proud of him. His hair was still thick and his face had that cheery smile. There was clearly a lot of charm ready to be used. As he walked, he held his hand up to his face in front of his face. You all must have seen the gesture?

It was late evening and the hall was not yet quite full. It was warm and muggy but there was no sign of the shiny forehead. He was cool and seemingly confident. But there were lots of noises. Loud voices, chairs being scraped on the floor, metal boxes hitting tables, gaggles of conversation, fragments drifting across from Police radios.   Officials busy with their papers, as only officials can be. The hustle and bustle of the system as it went about its business. And the atmosphere in the air, defeat or victory, depending on which side you were. As the local, I knew about defeat after defeat. For us the place was steeped in it. History, relentless, the same old story. The mantra, always next time. The future, the next campaign. But this could be the night. The night of the great change. What was odd to me was that he was walking around by himself.

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Turkey “flabbergasted” by David Cameron’s lies

Don Quixote, Going Postal

A senior Turkish official has accused UK Prime Minister David Cameron of abandoning Ankara in its bid to join the EU as the PM fights his Brexit referendum campaign.

Chief presidential adviser İlnur Çevik said the Cameron’s apparent U-turn had left Turks “flabbergasted,” because Cameron had previously been very supportive of Ankara joining the bloc.

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