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Corbyn and McDonnell – Thick and lazy

jgm2, Going Postal

The problem with the likes of Corbyn, McDonnell, Momentum etc is that they’re just fucking lazy. Thick and lazy.

It’s not their fault. People in general (and I include myself in that) are just fucking lazy. It’s just too much trouble to come up with an original idea or think things through for yourself so we all look around for a short-cut or a Youtube video on how to (say) replace the clutch on your Dyson or whatever.

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Question Time with Going Postal, 26th January 2017

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

David Dimbleby chairs topical debate from London.

On the panel are Conservative MP James Cleverly (nonentity), shadow home secretary Diane Abbott (FFRC), SNP leader in Westminster Angus Robertson (Nazi), Mirror Online journalist Susie Boniface (#fakenews) and the self-styled ‘Britain’s only Conservative-voting comedian’ Geoff Norcott (Who?).

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The Truth About Post Truth

Kipper, Going Postal

We live in a post truth world.

This year Post Truth has been named the Oxford English dictionaries’ word of the year. Despite it  being two words. In our world National socialists (Nazis) are labelled far right. Anyone the left  does not approve of is labelled a Nazi. And therefore ‘Far Right’. Despite Nazis being socialists and  by definition ‘Left Wing’. In our post truth world everyone who isn’t a leftist is a right wing Nazi.  People who judge others on the basis of their skin colour are not racist. People who judge others on  their gender are not sexist. The Labour party actively going out of their way to choose candidates on  the basis of their gender, but aren’t sexist. Feminists call for the death of all men, but aren’t  sexist. Yet people who try to treat people equally and not judge people on their gender are sexist.  We live in a world where feminists want to be treated equally by men yet when men do treat them as  they would treat men they flip shit. We live in a world where equality means different rules for different people. Where equal rights means certain rights for some but not for others.

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Jeremy and Seumas in “The Road to Havana”

DH, Going Postal

“No, Tom. For the last time, there will not be any free sandwiches,” groaned an ashen-faced Seumas Milne, raking an exasperated hand through his thinning hair. “And Shami, I think I know what you’re going to ask and the answer is no – you cannot, and I repeat cannot, claim your three hundred pounds attendance allowance for this.”

Milne leaned pitifully on his elbows against a shabby wooden lectern and gazed grimly upon the assembled members of Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet. They sat in three unruly rows upon a mismatched assortment of plastic swivel chairs, wooden seats and Chesterfield armchairs they had dragged in from their respective offices.

Some of them disinterestedly thumbed their mobile phones and some muttered bitterly under their breath. Diane Abbott lifted up a black veil and briefly checked her face in a compact mirror. At least someone, thought Milne, was taking this halfway seriously.

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Question Time with Going Postal, 24th Nov 2016

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

On the panel are Conservative chief secretary to the Treasury David Gauke, Labour’s shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron, businessman and chief executive of the Timpson chain of shoe repair shops John Timpson, and professor of economics at the University of Sussex Mariana Mazzucato.

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Foreign Affairs Select Committee

Vir Cantium, Going Postal

Members of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee are just sitting down. One member, DIANNE ABBOTT MP FFRC places a red and white bucket full of unidentifiable foodstuffs on the empty chair next to her.
The FOREIGN SECRETARY RT. HON. VIR CANTII MP enters with his PERMANENT SECRETARY and they take their seats in front of the committee.
Good morning everyone. Can we approve the minutes of the last meeting?
Murmurs of agreement are heard from around the table.
Thank you. Just one matter arising from last time: the Clerk has brought up Ms. Soubry’s complaint with the House authorities. Facilities Management have assured us that there is no evidence of the building moving of its own accord or any devices covertly installed to render a holographic double of any member sitting next to them.

Corbyn’s Great Purge

DH, Going Postal
Commissar Milne

Slouching in his leather office chair, Seumas Milne’s mind began to meander into a melancholic mood. It had been a dark week for the Labour Party.

Everything that Jeremy had worked tirelessly towards for decades was unravelling. Nobody was talking about socialism. Nobody was talking about wealth redistribution. Nobody was even talking about David Cameron’s beastly offshore tax arrangements. It was all about Livingstone, and that Blairite fascist John Mann. The creation of a communist utopia seemed a million miles away. 

All because of one word – antisemitism. Was there nothing good and pure, he mused to himself, that the Jews could not find a way of destroying?

He could just quit. Go back to writing fantasy fiction about imposing a Stalinist dictatorship via the pages of The Guardian. Life was so much simpler in those days, he thought. That new lady editor seemed even more dedicated to the cause than Rusbridger. He might move into management, get in on that Cayman Islands slush fund. Retire, move to Tuscany. It sounded like bliss.

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Jobs for the Boys (and Girls)

He was in, then he was out

Since Jeremy Corbyn routed the right in the Labour Party there has been a descent into a reactive kind of political fighting.

No longer is there seen to be a need for exciting dynamic and radical policies, no longer do senior Labour politicians need to come out and say how they will make the country better, fairer and more prosperous, no longer do they have to be bothered with even having a slight grasp of any brief.

No, the new way of beating the Tories is to tell everyone who will listen, utilising their very own propaganda arm, the BBC, that the Tories are bad, rubbish, useless, unfit to govern, sex obsessed, ignorant of people’s needs, ideologically driven to starve babies, force everyone onto zero hours contracts and ensure anyone earning over £50k a year doesn’t pay tax.

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