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The Planets

Pttm, Going Postal

Part Three- Earth

In this third part of a series of nine articles, today  we look at the planet Earth.

The Prologue:

It’s round(ish), not flat.

Pttm, Going Postal

The Earth and the far side of the moon on July 5, 2016, also featuring Typhoon Nepartak over the Pacific Ocean, imaged by NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite, about 1.5 million km (930,000 mi) from Earth,  One of my personal favourite pictures, told you I like “specialist sites”

Throughout this series, I would like to give a huge H/T to NASA.  www.nasa.gov.  I have used other sources as well, such as  www.space.com  and www.earthsky.org  which is a great site for showing you where to look.

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Emigrate to a New Planet

Pttm, Going Postal
By ESA – European Space Agency & Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research for OSIRIS Team

Stephen Hawking:  “Earth is a wonderful place, but it might not last forever.  Sooner or later we must look to the stars.”

I saw this article Humans-could-reach-Mars-in-ONE-HOUR  and it got me thinking.  Do we colonise other planets because of mass over-population or because we have to as our planet may become uninhabitable, or just because we can.

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