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The Listening Project (The Lost Transcriptions) – Brexit

Coloniescross, Going Postal

Many conversations have been recorded for (make mine a hefty) Fee Glovers’ “The Listening Project”.

Due to the nature of some of the conversations and to other constraints many of the recordings are deleted  before they get chance to become part of the archive which is kept in the British Library.

Through a “friend”, (no names, no pack drill), Colin Cross has been able to obtain copies of transcripts of  some of these conversations. With the help of Swiss Bob and the indulgence of his fellow posters he intends to  publish them, verbatim, on the Going Postal Blog. It is Colin’s wish that these highly important historical  records are retained for posterity.

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Question Time with Going Postal, 22nd June 2017

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

David Dimbleby chairs topical debate from Plymouth.

On the panel are Conservative justice secretary David Lidington, Labour’s shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth, the SNP’s new (lol) Westminster leader Ian Blackford, businesswoman agitator Gina Miller, and Daily Mail columnist Peter Oborne.

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Constitutional Matters Matter. (It’s why we voted LEAVE)

Ang Ryman, Going Postal

There are so many unsung heroes, thousands, that contributed at different times and in different ways to the achievement of a Leave vote in the Referendum on 23rd June 2016. Now I am not a lawyer (hurrah!). Not that one needs to be to study the law, but there are many who do study it, deeply. Richard North is a name that will be familiar to many and to whom the term “Flexit” can be credited. So much time, so many hours of study and learning – a part played. An acquaintance of mine, NickC, is one such student and has some time ago corresponded at length with Richard North. Freedom and our freedoms are paramount; British Law must prevail once these dark days of Europhilia are behind us. But we are where we are.

NickC has kindly shared his thoughts on the “Gina Miller” case, which others of a ‘legal anorak’ persuasion may wish to share their thoughts on below the line, though as many will be aware – No-one Reads The Comments.

“….The constitutional basis of the court case won by “Gina Miller” is that the government (i.e. the executive) cannot use its prerogative powers to remove “rights” enacted by Parliament. That principle is absolutely fundamental to our freedom under the law. I support it completely.  However, The High Court was persuaded by the claimant’s lawyers that the principle defined above was applicable.

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Brexit and The Socialist Master

CommanderJampot, Going Postal

*Some people are protesting on the lawn of a rich Socialist’s house to protest against his love of the EU and that he agreed with the high court’s decision.*

“Down with the EU and up with Britain!”

*A servant named Jeeves rushes into his master’s drawing room and saw him sitting on a chair and reading the Guardian newspaper.*

“Sire, the peasants are revolting-!” *The Socialist master turned his eyes from his newspaper and onto Jeeves with a smile.*

“Of course Jeeves, they are indeed revolting people, they smell odd and think Brexit is such a wonderful thing for our country, when it is not.”

*Jeeves frowned and then proceed to explain what he meant.* “Not exactly what I meant Sire, I mean the peasants and the press are rather displeased by the decision from the high court regarding Brexit and Article 50, cue the peasants revolting Sire.”

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