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Gmbd, Evil

Going Postal

Did I say what a great burden it is having psychic abilities, being able to read the mind of others ?
In one way it is a fascinating hobby but can be draining.

I don’t know if it has always being there or if it developed during the constant attention I seem to have given to what is the purpose of my thoughts.
From as early as I can remember, which is around 6 months to a year I was aware that I was occupying a great emptiness.
Sometimes I could make myself a tiny, tiny dot in a great empty void.
To begin with there were not logical thoughts in words but a sense of a connection with the outside of me.
All the nature and the actual world was such a wonder that I sensed as a complete living thing.
At night alien angels would hover in my room.
One night the angels found a little bit of badness protruding out of my skin and they tugged at it and like tree roots extending through my body they removed all of the evil badness from me.

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Gmbd, Ireland

Copyright Going Postal

I’m supposed to die in Ireland according to my horoscope, either there or India.
Should I go ?

Ireland is the place alcoholhicks go to die so I should fit right in.
I really love Ireland and I think I am qualified to speak about it.
Firstly an Irishman would say
“If I see someone walking there then I am allowed to walk there also.”

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Open letter to the BBC

Gmbd, Going Postal

First thing to get straight is that common sense is not to be confused with far right.
The second thing that needs to be cleared up is that it is not your job to push an agenda, your job is to inform and entertain the populace.
I recognize that the creative activities attract young people who may strive to understand and comment on the world around them, it is to be commended but in searching for an alternate voice some adopt peculiar views, again this is to be commended but it is not necessary to employ all of them.
There does exist a common understanding of pleasantness and humorous ad lib shared by the majority, which majority is well able to take on new ideas.
You must admit that the constant force feeding of sexual divergence is getting a bit stale ?

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Buddha, by Gmbd

Going Postal

Since first I heard about the Buddha I have been curious about him.
Long, long ago all this mystical stuff was quite the fashion but I would say “Well it is commendable that you should try but I feel if I can’t do it after 6 pints it is not really real for me”.

Once when I was thinking about this stuff I was playing darts and my consciousness was about two foot above the top of my skull and I could not miss the double or the bull I wanted.
It is real, it is something about a Chakra or something.

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What is human, by Gmbd

Evolution appears a sensible explanation for the adaption of creatures, if it works you have an advantage and get to reproduce and the mutation is passed on.
Seems sensible.
I have wondered tho’ if wishful thinking might play a part, that a collective mind might think, “It would be really great if I had a long neck to reach those tasty leaves up there”
and so the giraffes DNA is changed by will power so that the off-spring has longer necks.
What the mechanism might be I have no idea.

I heard an assertion but have no source that a bacteria changed its metabolism in its own lifetime to adapt to new circumstances when it was really stressed.

I like Life being a mystery.

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My Dad by Gmbd

Gotham must be destroyed, Going Postal

We lived together for 16 years yet I hardly know anything about him.
He was built like the proverbial brick shit house and all muscle.
He never ever laid a finger on me and I did give him reason sometimes.
Once I threw a dart at him very hard and it stuck in his upper arm.
He pulled it out and walked away saying nothing.
I loved and was terrified of him.
I know that he had a Scottish mother and both parents died when he was an infant and he was brought up by an aunt.

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Gmbd, coincidence, chance and fate

I have told this before
I used to be quite religious but not in the normal sense.
I had my own deal with Jesus.
He will provide.
I was sort of working on my thing then I went to Brighton ( just because
I know why but I am not telling ( that used to be my username ) anyway things just happened.
I developed a close relationship with an attractive fellow but not in the way that any of you mean We talked about our good fortune, “how can we be so good looking and lucky at the same time ? “
We would do bingo for a laugh and win every time, the flat was full of stupid trainsets and cuddly toys.
the idea that we could “just” make things happen started there.
I did not fucking care because I knew I was doing the work of Jesus.
The old jaded farts liked to employ guys like me to stir them up a bit in ideas and especially if like me you wore a pink suit.
don’t get the wrong idea.

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