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The things I really hate!

Colliemum, Going Postal
Toot, toot!

First off – keep yer hair on, this is not about politics and politicians or Al Beeb.
This is just a little list of my top pet hates which irritate the hell out of me in my ordinary day-to-day life.
Top of them is car seats.
They are oh-so-wonderfully ‘secure’, ‘cradling’ one so that one doesn’t rattle around like a pea (why that should happen when we’re all strapped in by our safety belts anyway is something I still don’t know). And of course they make even a common-or-garden family car ‘feel’ as if one’s in a high-powered sports car – that’s especially important when creeping around at 10 mph or standing still!
But try to get out of such a seat! It’s impossible, especially when one’s not a limber young model like those lovely examples of totty gracing the comments (I suppose, since nobody reads the comments, nobody sees them either?). Lifting one’s legs to indecent heights, then rolling over that bulge (which seem to get higher in every new model), then gaining one’s feet and lifting one’s bum from low inside over that high bulge to get out: it’s an atrocity!
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Gangster World

Gmbd, Going Postal

For everybody that exists the world is a confusing place.
Nothing seems to make sense.

“How is it possible that a thing could have no end to its bigness ?
“Why if I imagine the smallest possible thing that I can still imagine dividing it in two”

These questions do not fit properly with the way our immediate sensors tell us what the world is like.

“Well perhaps there are actual things going on that we don’t have the sensing organs to feel.”

“But we have machines can sense all of the spectrum of radiation”
“We would know if we missed something “

“Perhaps something is not measurable? “
“I don’t understand that”

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