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Corbyn and McDonnell – Thick and lazy

jgm2, Going Postal

The problem with the likes of Corbyn, McDonnell, Momentum etc is that they’re just fucking lazy. Thick and lazy.

It’s not their fault. People in general (and I include myself in that) are just fucking lazy. It’s just too much trouble to come up with an original idea or think things through for yourself so we all look around for a short-cut or a Youtube video on how to (say) replace the clutch on your Dyson or whatever.

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Who runs the country?

Stewart, Going Postal

Before you read on you must know that my avatar is the king in yellow, you have been warned.

Who runs the country, parliament, the political establishment, old style capitalists in silk hats, banksters  (wink ,wink browndog) or a self-appointed liberal inquisition? We are about to find out. I guess you know what I think and I also think that we are about to see it exercise its overwhelming power by overturning the referendum result. ‘How will they do that you ask’. To know that first we need to know who they are.

So what do I mean by the liberal inquisition? Do I mean a secret organisation , a kind of illuminati that meet cowled in subterranean temples to work their fiendish schemes? No, common purpose notwithstanding, of course not. They are more pernicious more powerful than any lizard freemasonry could ever be. They are what the French call the 68ers, what we called in my far off hard left days as the bourgeois intelligentsia. Those patrician class brats who demonstrated in Grosvenor square. Outside of the American embassy in 1968 waving their rolled up copies of ‘Red Mole’

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