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Kipper, Going Postal

This is an image of a quasar. That red dot is Quasar ULAS J1120+0641. ULAS J1120+0641 is 12.9 gigalight-years away from earth. That’s 12.9 billion (12,900,000,000) light years or 760 Septillion (760,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) miles away from earth. Quasars are very cool, not cold, no, they are actually quite the opposite. For instance, the surface of the sun is 5,504 °C, but the centre of a Quasar, well, it is theorised that inside a quasar can be anywhere from 10 to 40 Trillion degrees Celsius. What can possibly occur to generate such immense heat? Friction. Very cool indeed.

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Per Aspera Ad Astra

Kipper, Going Postal

I am an atheist. I find the concept of a higher power or “God”, if you will, simultaneously highly feasible yet completely irrational. If a god is to reveal itself to me in my later life I will not be surprised, but if I live my life through and it transpires that there is no greater power than man. I will also be void of surprise, not that I will be able to conceive it upon my death.

I do my utmost to use reason. To look at the facts in an objective manner and draw conclusions from that which I can observe and know to be true. This is why I myself look up to Voyager. Voyager exists, we know this. Voyager is the most distant mark our species has on the galaxy. Since departing on its mission on September 5th, 1977, Voyager has traveled over 20,775,000,000 kilometers from earth [1]. Alone, unaccompanied, Voyager marches on in to the wide expanse of our universe. Destined to find something out there. A new planet to orbit, a black hole to enter, perhaps even become the foundations of a new planet or even, dare I dream, the edge of the universe. What is known is that Voyager will long outlive me, indeed, my species and the planet I call home. Long after the Earth is consumed by the (red Giant) sun in around 7.6 billion years.

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The Trump ban. The most idiotic thing I have ever heard in my life

Kipper, Going Postal

This shit vexes me. Why the fuck are the MPs who LEECH off my pocket, who FRUSTRATE the democratic will of me and my countrymen, who do their upmost to act AGAINST the best interests of working Brits, who act in a frankly TREASONOUS manor, Why the fuck are these low lives debating whether or not the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should be allowed into the United Kingdom. How thick are these people? They want to deny the most powerful man on earth a state visit because he had the gall to beat Hillary Clinton in the US election. And lets not pretend like there is any other reason. Donald Trump’s only crime is winning the US election. And because the Donald beat ‘the first female president’ he is roundly hated. For no other reason than virtue signalling leftist airheads now wish to deny a HALF BRITISH US President from visiting our nation. A man who is easily the most pro British president EVER. Is being threatened with not being allowed entry to put country because he beat the wrong candidate.

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How To Win Christmas

Kipper, Going Postal

Now. First things first. Scrape yourself out of bed at stupid o’clock in the morning because it’s fucking  Christmas. Next thing. After your typical morning routine, shower, wank, brushed teeth. Standard stuff. You go to  the fridge and see off three tinnies of larger. Because we are blokes and it’s Christmas. What the fuck else are  we supposed to do?

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The Truth About Post Truth

Kipper, Going Postal

We live in a post truth world.

This year Post Truth has been named the Oxford English dictionaries’ word of the year. Despite it  being two words. In our world National socialists (Nazis) are labelled far right. Anyone the left  does not approve of is labelled a Nazi. And therefore ‘Far Right’. Despite Nazis being socialists and  by definition ‘Left Wing’. In our post truth world everyone who isn’t a leftist is a right wing Nazi.  People who judge others on the basis of their skin colour are not racist. People who judge others on  their gender are not sexist. The Labour party actively going out of their way to choose candidates on  the basis of their gender, but aren’t sexist. Feminists call for the death of all men, but aren’t  sexist. Yet people who try to treat people equally and not judge people on their gender are sexist.  We live in a world where feminists want to be treated equally by men yet when men do treat them as  they would treat men they flip shit. We live in a world where equality means different rules for different people. Where equal rights means certain rights for some but not for others.

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Kipper’s C.V.

Name: Kippeario Tarquin Fred McKipperson IV
Gender: Lesbian
Ethnicity: Martian
Age: 20
Sexuality: Hetro-Normative

Dear Mr Trump.

I am applying for the role of Secretary of State for Melting the Snowflakes. I have great  experience melting snowflakes. As someone who attends University and is not an extreme leftard. I  experience special snowflakes on a daily basis. So I have great personal experience with  snowflakes. Furthermore after nearly 3 years of going to university I have FUCKING SHIT TONES OF  FUCKING MOTIVATION TO FUCKING MELT THOSE FUCKING FUCKERS!

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The Politics of Hatred and Division

Coloniescross, Going Postal

I wrote a post which appeared on Kippers last article and I offer no apology for reprising it here because it got me thinking about how certain political and ideological systems can only thrive by creating specific hate figures. One of the things that has struck me is the ability of the “so called” right to hate (if hate is the right word) once they have looked deeply at the evidence for said “hatred” and decided, based on assumption that there are reasonable grounds. I personally don’t define this as hate but when people want to destroy the natural order of things, either because of a political or religious ideology then they need to be challenged. When the same people attack those challenging their ideas with vitriol and prescriptive terminology this will generate a reply. Here the comparison ends because the Left has a history of choosing a demographic or an idea to hate and then focussing on that one thing in an effort to divide and, ultimately rule.  The results of this hatred are, to my knowledge anyway always catastrophic.

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Preaching with Kipper : Remain Tears, Innit Blud!

Going Postal

As you all know, or at least you should, there was a high court ruling that states Parliament must vote to allow the Prime Minister to trigger article 50. I did ask Mrs K what the lawyer talk was for that, but it hurt my brain to read. The problem lies with the fact that the referendum was not ‘binding’. It was a mere opinion poll. This is David Cameron’s fault. The fucking mong. Rather than having it written into law that the result will be enacted by the Government. He didn’t. Because he’s a special needs donkey. This means that parliament does not have to respect the result. Thus far we know that the Scot Nats, illiberal Anit-Democratss and a handful of Tory and Labour MP’s will vote against the triggering of article 50. This means that numerous MP’s will be betraying the British people. And I genuinely think they think there won’t be fucking riots.

But what Is worse in my opinion is that the High Court has decided that the people are not the ultimate arbiters of the United Kingdom. And 650 mongtards in London are. This is a direct betrayal of the fundamentals of democracy.

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Preaching With Kipper : Why I’m Right and You’re WRONG!

Kipper, Going Postal

I was absolutely disgusted to log on the other day to see after I went to bed some of y’all were trying to argue that The Spy Who Loved Me wasn’t the best bond film!!! What the actually fuckitly fuck fuck fuckeroo? Have y’all contracted fucking Downs Syndrome? And to make matters WORSE! Some of y’all were attempting to argue that THE WORST Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, was better than The Spy Who Loved Me. Fucking hell mate. I mean for fuck sake On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a fucking ball ache to say.

Firstly on why OHMSS is the worst. George Lazenby was a horrific casting for bond. The feeble attempt to break the fourth wall at the begging of the film was horrific.


Gayest shit ever.

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