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Presumed Consent

At the Conservative Party Conference in October 2017, PM Theresa May pledged to introduce a system of presumed consent for organ donation in England. A similar opt-out system has existed in Wales since 1st December 2015, and in the summer of 2017 the Scottish government stated that it intended to introduce a “soft opt-out” for organ donation in Scotland.

70s_girl, Going Postal

I object very strongly to this change, the concept of presumed consent subverts the whole nature of organ donation. No longer will it be an altruistic gesture, the state will claim ownership of your body parts when you are near death, unless you specifically register your objection on the official database.

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National Treasure

Coloniescross, Going Postal

The National Health Service in Britain is seen as a “National Treasure”. Politicians of a certain stripe have recently started to call it “Our National Health Service”, leading me to wonder just who it used to belong to before it was ours. But I digress (slightly).

There are certain truths about this organisation that we should be clear on and there are certain myths surrounding it also. For some people it is the pinnacle of what civilisation can achieve. A clean, efficient, well run and free at the point of use service for the taxpaying citizens of The United Kingdom to make use of should they ever need to. For others it is exactly the opposite, a dirty, inefficient and expensive shibboleth that badly needs to be taken down and possibly never rebuilt.

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Around the corner

Grimy Miner, Going Postal
Radiotherapy Machine

You never know what is around the next corner…….



After a 48 year working life Both Mrs Grimy Miner and myself had decided to retire and enjoy the fruits of our work for so many years.

For a while life was good, we toured the West coast of Scotland in our sports car, did the same regarding North Wales and Snowdonia.

We did NT properties, Harrogate garden and flower shows. We went to the Midlands Model Engineering show where I bought some tools and machinery that I had wanted for a long time.

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Public Sector Pay Lies

jgm2, Going Postal
The panel at Public Sector Remuneration: An end to national pay bargaining?

I’d just like to nail the lie that public sector workers are limited to 1% payrises.

Here we have the NHS pay scales for April 2016 (I have no idea what ‘Agenda for Change’ is either).

Agenda forChange pay bands and spine points from 1 April 2016 (England)

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Remembering An Old Flame, Part Three

Oddanatomy, Going Postal

Whilst working in Essex I’d had my fair share of treating celebrities and the famous. There was an ex Milky Bar kid, then in his 30’s with dreadful teeth but still living the dream with his John Lennon glasses, the father of one of the blokes from Depeche Mode and most notably Gary Wilmot’s chil-dren’s nanny, so I was used to, and not intimidated by, treating prestigious patients. Having Gadaffi standing in front of me was however a slight step up.

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An Old-fashioned Nurse

Jethro, Going Postal

On the same day that a national newspaper carried the notice of my wife’s death, the front page had a headline to the effect that ‘Midwife Mistakes’ were responsible for many infant deaths and disabilities; now, two months later -to the day- a national paper returns to the same topic, but concentrating on the brain-damage aspect. She could have forewarned both the R.C.N. and Westminster of exactly this probable outcome, not least when Midwifery training was stripped of its requirement to be preceded by General training. She had, herself, been a Midwife, having first trained in General Nursing, and once having achieved ‘State Registered Nurse’ status (a relative had got her into The Royal Masonic Hospital), she went on to ‘U.C.H.’ to train as a Midwife. Training at both places was demanding (R.M.H. Matron: “You go to the lavatory, Nurse, in your own time, not when on duty!”) with lectures having to be attended when dropping with sleep after a full shift on the Wards. Nurses, then, had to do all those menial tasks now considered far beneath the dignity of ‘Nurse-Practioners’ with Degrees: vomit wiped up, bed-pans or bottles brought as soon as a patient’s bell rang, beds made impeccably, two when drugs were given so that someone else could check the dosage – and, indeed, the drug – was right…dead patients laid out (in, of course, respectful silence), dying babies given emergency Baptism… To have a patient have a bed-sore meant a carpeting in front of Sister – if not Matron – ,as it was a sign of neglect of a Nurse’s duties, and, besides, ‘prevention is much better than cure’.

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Our BBC And NHS Under Threat – Will You Help?

From: 38 Degrees [action@38degrees.org.uk]
Sent: 08 February 2017 10:18
Subject: Our BBC and NHS under threat
Dear You, 

Breaking: the government has tried to slip out the devastating news that our BBC and NHS is to be sold off to big business. Time and time again, the Tories have been planning to sell off our NHS and BBC to the highest bidder among their friends in big business – and now they’re trying again!

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Primum non nocere

There’s been a longstanding belief entrenched in society that doctors and nurses are above reproach and must never be criticised or questioned. Of course, that sort of unthinking attitude is what fosters the culture that allowed serial killer doctor Harold Shipman to go undetected for so long and allowed the atrocities at Mid Staffs to be covered up.

And now once again sections of the commentariat are painting junior doctors as heroes and heroines fighting against an evil baby eating Tory government that wants to put poor people into gas chambers. If you look at the detail of the NHS reforms proposed by Jeremy Hunt, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Everyone who hasn’t got a political point to score agrees the reforms will make for a safer, more efficient NHS. Junior doctors are already well paid. Under the reforms their salaries will go even higher, and most of them can look forward to lucrative careers and a fat pension, all paid for out of the public purse.

So why the strikes? Very simple. Labour backed unions are deliberately waging a war against the government and they’re doing it by putting lives at risk. The junior doctors are just doing their unions’ bidding. What is disgraceful and unforgivable is that they’re going against the most basic tenet of the medical profession: First do no harm. It is indicative of how low Labour has sunk under the ghastly Jeremy Corbyn and his band of deranged communist mates that they’re willing to put ordinary people’s lives at risk with these outrageous strikes.

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