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The Wisdom of Charlotte: Adventures in Radio

The Wisdom of Charlotte, Going Postal
Crystal Palace

When I first joined the board, I was very taken with the bravery and courage of Stay Puft who appeared on LBC, speaking on the Katie Hopkins Sunday show and Iain ‘Old Mother’ Dale. Listening out for ‘James from Haringey’ was always something to look forward to and enjoy. Stay Puft’s tales of ringing LBC to be put on hold and get on air, or to never be called back seemed like a precarious lottery but worth it just to get your point across.

One day in April 2017, whilst tuned to the Nigel Farage show, I listened to comments about Trump and just felt compelled to ring in. I was terrified but rang and was surprised to be put on hold and told that I could speak to The Guvnor directly. I didn’t think it would be that easy and, having got on, I was a little star struck and sounded like an absolute gibbering idiot.

It then became rather addictive. I listened to topics, called and was generally put through the first 2 or 3 times. The Guvnor was great, I was starting to get the hang of putting my point across and it was nice to make him laugh at some of my comments.

After appearing on The Guvnor’s first Sunday show, I tried a few times to get back on but it appeared that, as with Stay Puft, no-one rang back or my appearances have got shorter and shorter. Very disappointing really considering the absolute mong fest that the Guvnor’s show has been turning into of late.

I moved on to the John Gaunt show a few months back and found the reception there to be much better. Gaunty is pretty fair and, to be honest, he doesn’t get that many callers. Some of my appearances have been OK, some not so OK but it is all a learning process.

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Remember, Remember the 8th of November, 2016?

James Dalton
Winning bigly: Donald Trump, now President of the United States of America

I do. I remember it well.  It was the culmination of a propaganda war over a year in the making. On one side Hillary Clinton and the Democrats on the other side Donald Trump and the reluctant Republicans. It was a David verses Goliath encounter. Goliath came in the form of Hillary Clinton backed by Washington, Wall Street, academia, Hollywood, the mainstream media, foreign governments, foreign money, the DNC machine and arguably large sections of the Republican Party top brass. David was played by the billionaire tycoon come TV personality Donald J Trump, backed by a disparate myriad of supporters and large swathes of a disgruntled Middle America and non-metropolitan America.

As in all David and Goliath encounters, the odds were stacked against ‘the Donald’ and his little sling of Breitbart. Hillary was well armed. Her financial arsenal was stocked by Wall Street, Saudi princes, the Clinton Foundation and the DNC. Her press division fired continual salvos of lies, smears and innuendo. Her street operations caused violence, racial division, angry interruption and social discord.

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