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Sky News: ‘Why cant we give these Refugees, shelter from the storm??’

Glenn, The Going Postal Chronicle
Sky News Panel

SkyNews Starting off with a sacchrin sweet Richard curtis Style report on refugees rescued in the Med before Seamlessly mixing in David Cronenberg disturbing images of Refugees from Libya , bobbing about on the high seas Swallowing Petrol. Even Danny Rampling at Shoom Couldn’t have pulled off a mix like that. Most Impressive.

Cut to the Sky news studio for images of an Ashen Faced news panel, A Left of the Dial Female Doctor choking back the tears arms stretched out in staged 1980’s Athena poster pose.

Seizing her moment, She asks the question, charged up on outrage and the Opportunity to have a Pop at the Tory Junta and hopefully a few Paid interviews in the Guardian ….’Why?..’

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I just Clocked a sparsely bearded Expat Living in the South of France On BBC News 24 telling the BBC HMV Dog curled at his feet , that ‘UKIP’s Voter base is racist and Xenophobic’ . Of course This Arrogant and Grotesque Sweeping stereotype was met with lascivious approval , a look straight off the cover of the Joy of sex manual of the 70’s .

Its the same Ignorant petri dish formulae as myself assuming all Labour Voters Reside in re education camps in Islington High Dojo’s dining on tormented water melon on a bed of awakened Seaweed at White middle class dinner parties. Eulogising the wonderfully vibrant and urban local comprehensive schools which of course they Will never send their children to, as both little Thom and Anushka are sensitive but talented flowering buds that can only be nurtured by £18,000 Yearly school fees and being hermetically sealed away in perpetuity from the Playful Artful dodger Somalian , Bulgarian and Romanian Children that go to the local Comp expressing their cultural needs by pimping out the strawberry blond english girl pupils , once they have finished fucking them in an organic newtons cradle of sexual hymen rupturing. The Common purpose teachers screaming their joy looking on.

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Advice for dealing with ISIS Jihadists

Glenn, North Chingford

To : Owen.Smith.MP@parliament.uk
Date 28/08/16

Re :Advice for dealing with ISIS Jihadists around the Conference Table.

Dear Mr Smith,

In the unlikely event of your attempt for peaceful Negotiation breaking down over the Arranged Basket of Summer fruits, One should never be without his cat skin dueling gloves dipped in shattered resin and his trusty grandfather Pendulum Clock weight, dropped down the leg of ones 72 button fly buck skin pantaloons .

Steel fish hooks sewn into your smoking Jacket by your Jermyn Street tailor , are worth their weight in gold when in peaceful constructive talks with Bestial Religious Maniacs.

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The Continued Failure of Tory Policy on Immigration must be arrested

Glenn, Going Postal

to:        letters@standard.co.uk
date:    Tues , Feb 20, 2016

Re : Mr Keith Vaz Article :  ‘ The Continued Failure of Tory Policy on Immigration must be arrested’

Dear sir,

It  warmed  my Cockney cockles  yesterday to read  Mr Vaz in print , undertaking the rack and pinion role of harnessing immigration into more sustainable numbers into this country. A Country that he has served with such selfless distinction, humility, dignity and Moreover, to much personal cost.

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