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Operation PLUTO

Ratcatcher, Going Postal

Whilst discussing the future liberation of Europe in 1942, Lord Louis Moutbatten discussed how fuel could be supplied to an invading army with the Minister in charge of the Petroleum Warfare Department, Geoffrey Lloyd. Previously, fuel had been transported in disposable 4 gallon tins. These had been superseded by coping the German ‘Jerrycans’ which although reusable, would have meant a considerable burden on men to load and unload from ships as well as the ships themselves presenting a very large and dangerous target during and after what became D Day.
Lloyd was in no doubt, a pipeline could be built that could operate night and day and provide enough fuel for the forces to take harbours where ships could be brought in more safely once the Axis had been forced back in to the mainland.

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Low Frequency Fun With Organ Pipes

/()43 |_|K19, Going Postal
Not /()43 |_|K19’s organ

What always throws me (and quite a few others judging by some of the diagrams on the web) when I try and calculate the frequency of the tone produced by an organ pipe, is that the arrangement at near the bottom, which is like a referee’s whistle, counts as an *open* end to the pipe.
Therefore, for an ordinary organ pipe which is also open at the top, the fundamental resonance is a half-wave – that means, half the wavelength fits in the pipe.

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