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With a whimper, not a bang

It seemed to me that this is a particularly auspicious day to start the new site so I roused myself from my afternoon slumber to post this up. Nothing of what you see will likely survive because I have lashed this up as fast as I could so the site is first published today, November 5th. There are other reasons for making the site active in advance of any move, things take time to filter through, like Google indexing.

None of the links on the page are set up, so please don’t bother clicking on them, even the comment and RSS feeds, they will likely change.

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The Class Struggle is Key

MyHyde, Going Postal

The study of class has never been a major figure of right wing politics. Academic studies are generated by the left and the discussion of class has always had the specter of Marx haunting it, touching it can make one labeled a “Marxist”, and nobody of sound mind wants that. Not many reject the idea of class structures, but so few contemporary thinkers are willing to discuss it from a non-traditional leftist viewpoint.

This is a shame. We can learn and teach so much about the current state of affairs when taking a class viewpoint. Especially when the debate has changed, the power positions moved, alongside the definitions with it demanding a new outlook.

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Revew: Ex-Neocon by Scott McConnell

MyHyde, Going Postal

Scott McConnell is an heir to the Avon fortune and stepson to Sterling Hayden, one of the few actors who could play an amoral sociopath whilst remaining a heartbreaking hero. More importantly, McConnell is one of the finest conservative voices in American contemporary politics. Railing against globalism, “free trade”, immigration, and the establishment in equal measure.

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If Jeremy Corbyn Got Into Power

Churchill's SHark, Going Postal

Due to our exceedingly deluded, incompetent and cowardly government, there is a serious chance of a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party gaining power in the next general election. The one way to stop this would be for the Conservatives to dispose of Theresa May ASAP and install a true leave supporter such as Jacob Rees-Mogg. This is fantasy thinking because in reality they will ensure that any leave supporter running for leader will get smeared and destroyed by the pro EU media such as the BBC. This in turn will unfortunately crown a Europhile sycophant such as Philip Hammond as Prime Minister, thus betraying the EU referendum result more and more and sucking us into a larger and ever more totalitarian EU.

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May’s September – Big Whoppers and Betrayal

Ang Ryman, Going Postal
The Union Flag – Stars are Absent.

So many lies. Politics: a game of lies and obfuscation. Mrs May has form. “…tens of thousands…” – As Home Secretary she lied about net immigration numbers, convincing many.
Theresa May’s acting prowess is failing her though. The delivery of her lies in the UN speech given on 20th September 2017 lacked conviction. “….. The same is true with terrorism, where again the challenges we face today are vastly different from those of previous eras. When terrorists struck London and Manchester this year, the world saw our cities come together in defiance. Our parliament carries on. Ariana Grande came back to Manchester and sang again. London Bridge is bustling with people. Our communities came together at the Finsbury Park mosque in North London. And Londoners got back on the Tube. The terrorists did not win, for we will never let anyone destroy our way of life…..”  A whopper. A big whopper. The world saw a country reaping the harvest sown by its governing class in deserting its responsibility to control immigration and the nation’s borders. What defiance Mrs May? Are tea lights, songs and holding hands now regarded as ‘defiance’? It’s happened again. And again and again. How quickly are the dead of the Manchester bombing forgotten? Down the memory plughole, like those killed in London.
Ang Ryman. Going Postal
Not Supportive of the British Constitution,
Who does Theresa May Represent?

Labour’s Tiger: The Betrayal of the Working Classes, Part Three

Jonathon Davies, Going Postal

The New Voters

Having thoroughly stabbed in the back the very people it claimed to represent, Labour needs a new core vote to have a chance of winning election. So, who were they to be? Labour under Corbyn were initially pro-Brexit after the referendum, but now seem to have swung around to being pro-single market, and voting against the Great Repeal bill. Mind you, who knows what the policy will be next week. This pleased many a metropolitan metrosexual middle class luvvie in London. Many of them are property millionaires and a far cry from those original supporters from the South Wales valleys. Why worry about the housing crisis when you can get a cheap Polish cleaner? Corbyn himself lives in a house worth over £600,000 and reportedly earns around £140,000. Strangely enough, just under the limit for their proposed cut throat tax rises.

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