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Shocking Pink

Colin Cross, Going PostalPoliticians, if that is what we should call them, are a very funny breed. I don’t know if it has always been the case but the current members of the House of Commons, with one or two notable exceptions, seem to me to be lost in a morass of contradictory thought and opinion. Male and female members, on all sides of the house, appear to delight in exhibiting the very characteristics that, if they were to exhibit them in every day scenarios, would see them roundly and justifiably challenged.

How has this come about? One of the problems and possibly the biggest one stems from the fact that so few of them have ever had anything remotely resembling a proper job. Many have never worked outside the Westminster bubble since leaving education and many, especially those who consider themselves “progressive liberal free thinkers” are anything but. They find themselves in a constant state of flux because everything that isn’t “progressive and liberal” has to be wrong, no matter how right it is.

Currently there is some brouhaha within political and media circles surrounding the forthcoming state visit to our country of probably the single most powerful man in World politics, PotUS Donald J Trump. This hissy fit, initially instigated by that paragon of political virtue John Bercow, over whether or not the PotUS “grabbed a fanny”, has accelerated exponentially since three tweets, originally posted by Britain First and picked up by American ultra-conservative Anne Coulter Nile were re-tweeted from the Presidents twitter account. There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that at least two of the videos contain graphic images of atrocities being carried out by Muslims in the name of Allah. The third video, strangely enough the one that the MSM and the political cognoscenti have concentrated on, holds less veracity but is, in its own way, just as shocking.  It clearly shows a young man on crutches being beaten by men of “Asian” appearance who may or may not, be the offspring of Muslim immigrants.

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Question Time with Going Postal, 29th June 2017

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

David Dimbleby chairs topical debate from dosshouse-on-sea Hastings.

On the panel are Conservative international trade secretary Liam ‘flat share’ Fox, Labour MP Stella ‘IQ’ Creasy, editor-in-chief of The Economist Zanny ‘PPE’ Minton ‘IMF’ Beddoes, founder and editor of left-wing news site The Canary Kerry-Anne ‘Trigglypuff’ Mendoza, and LBC radio host Nick ‘no Katie’ Ferrari.

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