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Jerusalem – Trump Exposes the Moral Void

And did those feet in ancient time walk upon England’s mountains green? I cannot be alone in thinking that they did not do so to deny justice or to deny their Christian heritage.  Nor did they walk in support of the tyranny of an Arabic and Islamic majority, or minority for that matter.

And was the holy Lamb of God on England’s pleasant pastures seen? That holy lamb appears to have been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic ritual on England’s once green and pleasant land with the Church of England and the UK Government looking on, impotent.  And now the slaughter is repeated, this time with the UK Government a willing cheerleader, in the elitist auditorium of the United Nations by the UK ambassador to the UN. Here he sided with the confederation of caliphates and Jew haters in condemning the United States of America and its President Donald J Trump for announcing that the USA will follow through with moving its Israeli embassy to the capital city of Israel – Jerusalem.

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PMQs with Going Postal

Going Postal
PMQs with Going-Postal.com

Link to PMQs on Parliament TV.

Daily Politics. Andrew Neil with live coverage of Prime Minister’s Questions. Andrew is joined by climate change and industry minister Claire Perry and shadow health minister Justin Madders. They discuss the latest on Brexit negotiations and take a look at this year’s best political Christmas cards.

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PMQs with Going Postal, 15th November 2017

Going Postal
PMQs with Going-Postal.Com

PMQs link to Parliament TV (I’ve yet to get the embed working) here on Going Postal TV.

Daily Politics. Jo Coburn is joined by digital skills minister Matthew Hancock and shadow Brexit minister Jenny Chapman for Prime Minister’s Questions, plus there is an interview with Jacob Rees-Mogg about the EU Withdrawal Bill.

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The Twenty Three Thousand

Truthsayer, Going Postal
ISIS Jihadis

It came out in the summer, the figure for how many UK based jihadis the government are prepared to admit to. 23,000.

The figure includes the 3,000 who pose an imminent threat.

So little is known about these numbers; unsurprisingly, little journalistic work has been undertaken on the topic, while the government has ventured nothing.

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