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Remember, Remember the 8th of November, 2016?

James Dalton
Winning bigly: Donald Trump, now President of the United States of America

I do. I remember it well.  It was the culmination of a propaganda war over a year in the making. On one side Hillary Clinton and the Democrats on the other side Donald Trump and the reluctant Republicans. It was a David verses Goliath encounter. Goliath came in the form of Hillary Clinton backed by Washington, Wall Street, academia, Hollywood, the mainstream media, foreign governments, foreign money, the DNC machine and arguably large sections of the Republican Party top brass. David was played by the billionaire tycoon come TV personality Donald J Trump, backed by a disparate myriad of supporters and large swathes of a disgruntled Middle America and non-metropolitan America.

As in all David and Goliath encounters, the odds were stacked against ‘the Donald’ and his little sling of Breitbart. Hillary was well armed. Her financial arsenal was stocked by Wall Street, Saudi princes, the Clinton Foundation and the DNC. Her press division fired continual salvos of lies, smears and innuendo. Her street operations caused violence, racial division, angry interruption and social discord.

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Liberal selective outrage and Conservative denial

Mr Cloud, Going Postal

After 8 years of war, drone strikes, coups, regime change and regional destablisation around the globe that has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands and a displacement of millions all the while a President made himself increasingly powerful, clamping down on anyone daring to act as whistleblower over his actions the liberal conscience has finally stirred following Donald Trump taking office as the 45th President of the United States.

In the space of a couple of weeks, two massive protests were staged across America and in several other countries against Trump with placards waved carrying words like “fascist”, “racist”, “sexist”, “dictator” and suggestions that Trump was planning a new Holocaust this time against Muslims. The Women’s March alone was said to be the largest demonstration ever held in the US, while protesters quickly swarmed around airports within hours of President Trump signing an executive order that put in force a “temporary” moratorium on the travel of nationals from “countries of concern”, including Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya.


The Butterfly Effect, Part Three

Cynic, Going Postal

The official explanation, released under tremendous national and international pressure, was that in the haste to comply with sudden deployment orders, corners had been cut, safety procedures ignored, mistakes had been made, and lessons had been learned. It was assumed that pilot error had been the inadvertent cause of the first explosion, directly over the Capitol, and that the other planes of the flight had been caught in the blast and their weapons had ‘cooked off’. Certainly none of the crew survived to confirm or deny this story. Shortly thereafter the base from which they had flown was closed, the formation was disbanded, the ground crews and administrators left the service. They and the families of the aircrew disappeared from public view. Embarrassment? Punishment? Flight? Retrenchment? Cover-up? Coincidence? You may think as you please but you’ll get no more comment on this matter from the IMG.

There are always those who claim that ‘an official statement’ is the very definition of a lie. Of course there may also be those who will counter object that the officials whose statements gave rise to such cynicism were those who were incinerated in the Washington Catastrophe, as it came to be called. (Or The Great Deliverance, as others came to call it.)

Speculation continues. What really happened, and why? Did simple carelessness bring down a great nation at a crucial moment and at the same time preserve it? The consequences continue to proliferate. Could such significant events have followed from insignificant causes?

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The Butterfly Effect, Part Two

Cynic, Going Postal

The military command of such of the military as remained willing to obey their commands were too burdened to do anything about this, especially as the catastrophe which eliminated the source of legitimate authority had weakened their own. Formally there had been a continuity of government plan. Some of the Washington politicians had been supposed to stay away from the State of the Union speech to constitute a kernel of government in the case of some disaster wiping out the others. If that had happened it had become irrelevant, because none had survived the nuclear catastrophe. Plenty of ambitious state governors and other politicians had demanded a quick replacement of the Federal government, usually under some scheme which would benefit he who proposed it. Consequently each was opposed by the others. Quick elections were deemed impracticable, not least because several important Democratic states were in chaos, (and their populations much reduced so it was not clear how much representation they should have) so their state politicians demanded that they should be allowed to constitute a new Federal Government – ‘that’s what Hillary would have wanted’ they claimed, but failed to convince each other, let alone Republicans. Foreign governments and financial markets were also keen to have a clear centre of authority in the USA. Thus the military command felt obliged to constitute themselves an interim government and to declare martial law in the east coast states north of Washington. The rest of the states vigorously denied that they had any problems which would justify any such action, and disputed the competence of the military command to take such action and to make itself a replacement for the Federal government. Indeed, California had the impertinence to suggest that as the largest state still in good order that adhered to the dead President’s programme, they should assume the Federal government for the remainder of her term, and that San Francisco should replace Washington as Federal capital. This idea was not well received by the other states or by the Interim Military Government.

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The Butterfly Effect, Part One

cynic, Going Postal

See how beautiful and delicate they are. Notice how various are the designs upon their wings, as if they are transmitting messages of silent beauty individually and in combination, which we usually do not see or consider, and how our lack of consideration bothers them not at all. Regard their unhurried fluttering, moving short distances, their apparently whimsical journeying and unpredictable halts, with closed or gently opening and closing wings as they seem to delight in the sunlight, the plants and the breeze, following some combination of instinct and free choice which is to us mysterious, yet evocative once we pay attention to it. Fragile, gentle, short lived creatures, but following a life cycle of astounding changes of form, and capable of immense migrations, manifesting much greater strength and endurance than we would at first sight be inclined to credit to them. If ‘the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’, in a similar vein it was jestingly suggested that the causes of events may be so small, numerous, complicated, entangled and obscure, that the slight perturbation of the atmosphere caused by the unplanned and unperceived flutter of a butterfly’s wings might be the trigger of enormous effects in the world at large.

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Cheers to 2016

Truthsayer, Going Postal

I have spent my entire adult life watching this once great nation, sliding inexorably into the abyss. I have no desires of Empire, of ruling over others, of waging great wars, or swaggering. I have merely wished to live in a safe, prosperous homeland for Brits.

Sunnier climes, although acceptable, have no great draw for me. Colder climes have limited appeal; I am content with the weather and environment of England.

Born into the era of the moon landings, I understood both our proud and glorious past,  and that the world had changed and we were a superpower no more. Content with that  position, I was more interested in having been bequeathed a wonderful nation with so much opportunity, choice, security, civility, and natural beauty. I was very keen that the nation’s finances be put on an even keel for my future and that of future  generations.

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